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Where to go for Ministry?

Where does a person go who is in need of this ministry?

Before looking for a ministry facilitator KNOW that:

- The Lord has promised to "reward those who diligently seek Him"
(Heb. 11:6).  We encourage you to pray and ask the Lord to lead you to the right person.  Also know that Theophostic Prayer is but one avenue that the Lord is using to bring people into freedom from the emotional pain they carry.  Be open to what God may specifically have for you.

- Before you seek ministry from any person who says they are doing TPM (or any other form of prayer ministry), be sure to educate yourself with what they are offering.

This website is a good starting place to discover what TPM is about and what a "true"  TPM session should look like.  Also avail yourself to the free download of the three free chapters from the book Healing Life's Hurts and by ordering any of the other materials available in this site's Online store.

- This website, Dr. Ed Smith or his office does not make any recommendations or referrals for any party or individual doing ministry.
Theophostic Prayer Ministry (TPM) is NOT a ministry center or counseling facility where ministry is offered, but rather TPM is a ministry process that people are trained to do. TPM is published and distributed by New Creation Publishing (NCP), but NCP does not make any referrals or recommendation as to who may be offering this approach to ministry nor does it confirm any person's expertise or experience in using this ministry form.  Therefore, this publishing office does not offer personal ministry nor does it refer people to others that do.  

- The International Association for Theophostic Ministry  (IATM) is an association made up of members who have identified themselves with this form of ministry.

However, being a member of this association does not qualify, certify or credential any person in the use and practice of Theophostic Prayer Ministry. Anyone is welcome to visit the website of the International Association for Theophostic Prayer Ministry at and look through the member's directory to see who might be in his or her geographic area who has taken some level of training in Theophostic Prayer Ministry.  This membership listing should not be viewed as a referral service for it IS NOTClick here to access directory.

Please know that people listed in the association membership are NOT certified, endorsed or verified as doing TPM. Therefore as you proceed, arm yourself with knowledge by reading the book Healing Life's Hurts through Theophostic Prayer, by asking each potential facilitator the background questions mentioned in the next section of this discussion, and by using the Ministry Session Guidelines as your standard for evaluation.  

- If you discover other websites that say they are providing TPM, proceed with caution and use good judgment.
Ask the questions supplied on this page and hold up the Ministry Session Guidelines as your standard for evaluation.  CLICK HERE for a partial listing of other websites using TPM.  Please note that this list has NOT been qualified or verified as doing TPM according to protocol.

- View the
sample videoon this website several times to get a feel for what a true TPM session should look like. 
Before watching the session print out a copy of the Ministry Session Guidelines and monitor how the facilitator adhers to them during the session.

- If you feel uncomfortable at any point while receiving ministry, stop the session and graciously move on to another person for ministry.

If a person says they are doing true TPM then the protocol and procedure should follow the TPM approach and not be a variation of it.

- If you are unable to locate anyone doing authentic TPM, possibly introduce TPM to your church and form your own team.
You might begin this processs by taking the book Healing Life's Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer to your pastor or other ministry leader and introduce them to TPM and encourage them to consider beginning a TPM team in your church.

- Know that TPM is but one form of ministry that God is using to release people of the emotional pain in their lives.
Feel free to look into other avenues of ministry.

- Keep seeking and knocking until you find.
God desires you to have His freedom and peace.


To learn more about the IATM click here

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