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New Training Series
3 DVD Set

"Theophostic Prayer and the Refinement of Belief"

This series provides practical application for getting the most out of God's refinement process from a Theophostic perspective.

This series is an excellent tool for enhancing and supplementing the Basic Training Seminar. A great series for use in a home cell group and for introducing your church to the Theophostic principles.

This 3 DVD set contains three full length teachings by Dr. Ed Smith on the faith/belief refining process.  God is actively refining our belief /faith through the "fire" that comes into each of our lives. The fire is what exposes our experiential belief that is in need of being purified.  "When the pressure of life is increased whatever is inside will come out.   The emotions that surface during the crisis is an exposure of what we actually believe as opposed to the Bible verses we may have memorized!  We feel whatever we believe.  The wise man learns to "entrust his soul to a faithful Creator in doing what is right" (1Pet. 4:19) in the midst of the refiner's fire benefiting much.  God's finest work is accomplished during our darkest hour." (Ed Smith)

Session one: Overview; the Refinement of Belief
Session two: The Process of Refinement
Session three: Conformity or Transformation; Which Way to Freedom

This set will be available on DVD, VIDEO download, and Audio MP3 format download.

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Brand New Item!

"Emotional Connection Cards"

 A new TPM tool for helping children (and adults) connect with their feelings.

“Emotional Connection Cards” is a set of 32 full color photos printed on heavy card stock of real children expressing different emotions. Unlike cartoon facial cards that are designed to help children to identify or name what they feel, these photos are designed to help children to connect with what they feel.

During a Theophostic Prayer Ministry session, it is not so important a person be able to name his or her emotion, but it is crucial that he or she connects to and feels what they feel. The emotion is the “bridge” back to the belief. Without the emotional bridge the person cannot identify the lie at the root of the emotion pain.

The idea for developing the “Emotional Connection Cards” photos was born from out of Dr. Ed Smith facilitating live ministry session demonstrations. The people in the audiences consistently and predictable became emotionally stirred themselves as they watched the ministry sessions where people were expressing emotional pain. The ministry recipient’s emotional pain triggered the pain in the people who were watching the session. Dr. Ed assumed that children would be no different and after field testing the photos with many ministry facilitators working with children, the reports seemed to suggest the photos were effective.

An interesting and surprising outcome from the field testing was that some of the facilitators tried using the cards with adults and got similar results.

There is no guarantee that these photos will be helpful in all cases, but there is hope that they will be helpful for some of those who have difficulty connecting with what they feel.

Each photo in the 32 picture set has an identifying number for reference identification. An instructional sheet explains the proper use of the photos.

This tool is explained on the new training series “Dealing with Difficult Cases” to be released in the days to come.

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Pursuing Peace:
Case Studies Exploring the Effectiveness of Theophostic Prayer

Dr. Fernando Garzon, Editor

 The Back Cover

Thousands of Christians all over the world are reporting transformational experiences through Theophostic Prayer Ministry. Their testimonies are powerful, yet controversy remains for some. Skeptics say testimonials are limited and empirical proof is needed. This gives rise for quality research. The case studies in this book provide a good start and help to determine if more costly and rigorous studies are merited.

This book is written without a lot of scientific jargon to appeal to both professional and lay person alike. The researchers tell the stories of some of the clients in the study, along with providing charts, graphs and detailed reports from their test findings.

Finally a summary of all the results from the sixteen clients that completed this study is closely examined. The positive outcomes represent a first small step in evaluating Theophostic Prayer. Even though more research studies need to be completed, the findings from this study are very encouraging. They provide a clear idea of the type of studies that need to follow this case study work in order to more fully assess this approach. In the final chapter, Ed Smith (the founder of Theophostic Prayer) answers many frequently asked questions about Theophostic Prayer.
Dr. Fernando Garzon is an Associate Professor in the Center for Counseling and Family Studies at Liberty University. He has a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary and a B.A. in Biology from Wake Forest University. His interest areas include spiritual interventions in psychotherapy and Christian counselor education. Liberty University does not officially endorse Theophostic Prayer Ministry but rather supports the theological and scientific examination of this and other Christian intervention strategies.

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The NEW 2007 Edition of the Basic Training Seminar

Watch a preview of the Basic Training Seminar, Session 8 "Ministering with Dissociative Amnesia" and read Chapter 5 "The Belief and Choice Principle
." Click here for video preview.

Click here to read a snippet of Chapter 5.

The 2007 DVD edition of the Basic Training Seminar replaces the 1999 video/DVD series. This edition provides major changes and updates which will make applying this ministry approach even more effective than it has been up to this point. MUCH has changed since 1999!

The student will receive a full length workbook which contains over 800 PowerPoint slides summarizing the entire presentation for later review. This training is designed to be worked through as a group if at all possible. The series covers 13 training sessions for applying this ministry approach. The student is encouraged to take 16 weeks in a group setting to cover all of its materials.

This can best be accomplished by using the newly released sixteen week detailed study guide  to aid you in the training process.

The Basic Seminar DVD session titles include:

Disk 1: Session 1: Introduction and Overview (Chapter 1)
Sin in the Context of TPM (Chapter 2)

Disk 2: Session 2: The Basic Principles of TPM
Session 3: The Key Elements of TPM

Disk 3: Session 4: Applying the Theophostic Principles

Disk 4: Session 5: The Power of the Person’s Will (Chapter 1)
Helping People Move Past Barriers (Chapter 2)
Session 6: Roadblocks to Freedom

Disk 5: Session 7: Dissociation and Repression (Chapter 1)
Reliability of Memory (Chapter 2

Disk 6: Session 8: Dissociative Amnesia (Chapter 1)
Dissociative Identity Disorder (Chapter 2)

Disk 7: Session 9: Common Behaviors that Can Hinder (Chapter 1)
Session 10: Compassion and Forgiveness (Chapter 2)
Session 11: TPM and the Word of God (Chapter 3)
Session 12: Preparation for Ministry (Chapter 4)

Disk 8: Session 13: Introducing TPM to the Church (Chapter 1)
Two Ministry Models (Chapter 2)

What others are saying:

"I want to strongly encourage all people who are facilitating Theophostic Prayer Ministry (TPM), to purchase the 2007 Basic Training Seminar DVD's and the Basic Training Manual. I have been receiving TPM training with Dr. Smith at all levels since 1999 and I would have to say that this new material is the most succinct, clear and understandable version of the training manual and video/DVD seminar thus far. This is not surprising since Dr. Smith has always been refining and fine tuning the Theophostic materials in very much the same way that the Lord has been refining us through Theophostic Prayer. Since having attended the videotaping of the 2007 Seminar this past June and read several of the chapters of the 2007 manual, I can say personally that I have seen an actual improvement in my ability to provide more effective facilitation of Theophostic Prayer Ministry to my clients. For those who have already been using the 2005 edition of the manual you will find that the 2007 edition is not just a refinement of the 2005 manual but it also provides many new concepts, perspectives, techniques and examples of applications of the Theophostic principles in ministry sessions."
Dr. Ike Eiesenhour, PHd

We found the material in the new Basic Seminar Manual to be greatly refined and "user friendly." It gives the reader clear examples of how to phrase questions to facilitate progression of the session. It breaks down how to handle hindrances, for example, into distinct sections with clear instruction on what to do and what not to do. Even though we have ten years of experience with Theophostic Ministry, we found the revised manual to provide new and helpful information not only about theory but also about technique. Based on our experience with the ministry and our review of the new material, we strongly encourage purchase of the updated seminar manual. What a helpful reminder to those who use this ministry as well as to those who are just learning about it."
Dr. Terry Zuehlke, PhD, LP
Julianne Zuehlke, RN, MS

"After attending the actual taping of the new 2007 edition of the Basic Training Seminar in Orlando this past June and seeing part of the newly completed Theophostic Basic Training Manual I can strongly encourage all who want to continue to grow in ministry effectiveness to get the New Video Basic Training and updated training Manual. In this revised edition Dr. Ed Smith has raised the bar and truly refined the many concepts and principles of the former edition. It is far superior to what we have used the last 8 years. Some may ask, "What can be changed? What I have works well." The new edition is MUCH better and more comprehensive. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.I have been a Mental Health Professional for 27 years experience, and Theophostic Healing Prayer has revolutionized my counseling practice. I have ministered well over 10,000 hours of Theophostic with incredible results. There is however much to learn and grow in as we continue to develop our skill level as Theophostic Prayer ministers. This edition gets to the root of why so many people get stuck, blocked or emotionally shut down. The new insight concerning dissociation and the "belief and choice" principle are invaluable for all prayer ministry facilitators.Not only has Dr. Smith has refined the whole process he has added much new material to include information on how to practice Theophostic in the local church and bring new life through what he is calling the "Body Life Model".I do believe after seeing years of church leaders and laity receive personal mind renewal and healing that Theophostic is and will be increasingly one of the tools the Holy Spirit uses to refine the Body if Christ and release people into their calling and destiny. Upgrade to the 2007 edition. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!"
Frank Meadows, LCSW
Meadows Healing Prayer Center, Chesapeake, VA

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Note: 2007 Basic Training Seminar is available as a video download and the Basic Training Manuals can be downloaded as PDF files... 


16 Week Training Program for Group study of the Basic Seminar Manual...

These three study guides will equip you to take a training group through a 16 week study of the Basic Seminar Manual following a DVD Basic Training Seminar.

Get more details and review samples of each guide now.

If you are planning to train others be sure and get this training tool

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 Concept Poster

Explain the basic concepts with posters!

During the video taping of the new 2007 edition of the Basic Training Seminar many people ask if we could produce poster size replicas of the stage banners that were used on the set. These are very large posters in vibrant glossy color.

Use them as a teaching aid while explaining some of the basic concepts of TPM with new people. Great for advertising your next TPM Basic Training or for decorating your office space. Full color 25"X38".

All seven for less than $5.00 each... sold only as set for $34.95
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