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Personal Preparation

What can I do in preparation for looking for a ministry facilitator?

- Educate yourself about TPM

Take responsibility for your own journey.  Do not depend on others to inform you about the ministry you seek.  Read the free download of the three chapters of the book Healing Life's Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer.  Read the Ministry Session Guidelines.  Watch a live ministry session.  It is crucial that you have a good working knowledge of this ministry process.

- Qualify the Ministry Facilitator
Ask the facilitator these questions and more before beginning your first session.  If you are not comfortable with what you hear, DO NOT proceed, but keep looking for what the Lord has for you.  This is not to say that this person is not providing quality ministry, but if you are seeking "pure" TPM, it is well defined and has clear protocol.  

  Copy these questions and take them with you to your first session.

1. Do you fully abide by the Ministry Session Guidelines as prescribed by this ministry? 

2. What is the extent of your training? Have you been through the Basic Video/DVD Training Seminar which includes watching all sessions and having read the entire Basic Seminar Manual?

3. Have you watched the Live Ministry Demonstration DVD Series (7 DVDs)?

4. Are you using the Theophostic principles as your primary means of ministry? (Be careful of those who are mixing other approaches with Theophostic Prayer Ministry. I am not suggesting that other forms of ministry are not effective because some are. You will need to decide what you want if the one offering you ministry is using other approaches along with Theophostic Prayer Ministry.  PLEASE KNOW that a variation of TPM is no longer TPM.

5. To how many people have you provided ministry using TPM where you saw significant freedom using this approach?  Every one has to start with their first person.  The question is, do you want to be their first?

6. Have you as a facilitator of ministry experienced mind renewal yourself with this process and are you continuing on this journey?  If they are not receiving ministry themselves and submitting to ministry then there is something wrong here.  We all are in need of mind renewal.  Those who have received ministry are also better at ministering to others.  There is a correlation between people who do this ministry well and those who are on their own mind renewal journey receiving ministry themselves.

7. How recent is your TPM Basic Training? The most recent training material is the 2007 edition of the Basic Manual and DVD series.  This current edition to the training contains vital information needed for doing this ministry. 

8. Are you under the authority and spiritual covering of a recognized ministry, church or professional Christian organization?  If the person is operating as a "lone wolf," be careful.  Check out their ministry from other established ministries in their area if possible.  Ask them to give you references of those in their area that can give them a positive endorsement.


Keep seeking until you find what the Lord has for you.


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