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Website Disclaimer


Theophostic Prayer Ministries is grateful for the thousands of individuals and ministry organizations who are now using these simple principles and experiencing the healing of the Lord Jesus in the lives of hurting people. Because of this, we desire to encourage and assist every individual and ministry as they make information about TPM available to their prospective ministry recipients. Therefore, the following disclaimer is intended to clarify our expectations and to provide helpful direction to you as you promote the important work to which you are called.

The term "Theophostic" is a registered International Trademark. NO person may use the name for any reason without written permission from the trademark owner.

If you are granted permission from the Trademark owner to use the name Theophostic
on your website or other promotional medium you are required to include the disclaimer below in a prominent place:

"Theophostic® is a registered international trademark of New Creation Publishing, Inc., of Campbellsville, Kentucky. This website/ministry is not endorsed by, officially connected to, or affiliated with Dr. Ed Smith or any entity, corporation or aspect of Theophostic® Prayer Ministry.

By using the registered name Theophostic on this website/media/printed materials we are stating that we carefully adhere to the basic training of this ministry and follow its Ministry Session Guidelines when applying it.

Any other types of ministry mentioned or promoted on this site are not a part of what is defined as Theophostic® Prayer Ministry and are not offered as a substitute for the Basic and Advanced Theophostic® Prayer Ministry Training. For further information about Theophostic® Prayer Ministry, its developer Ed Smith, D.Min., or to order training materials, go to or contact by phone at 270-465-3757"
Website Disclaimer

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