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Technical Information

Live Ministry Demonstration Technical Information

This live ministry session was recorded during TPM Apprenticeship Training Seminar before a live audience of over 250 people. Though the setting was not the most conducive place for doing ministry, the Lord still brought about incredible results. The woman in this session freely volunteered and was randomly selected by the ministry facilitator without any pre-interview screening.  The facilitator did not know this person prior to her volunteering for ministry nor was he aware of her presenting issues or concerns prior to the ministry session. 

Technical Difficulty
This session was not professionally recorded and thus lack the "glitz" of a professional production.  Therefore, you may encounter some audio and video difficulties from time to time.  For the most part, they are minor and do not hinder what is presented.  In spite of the difficulties, you will witness a real person in real pain find real peace from a real Jesus. 

This session is a truncated version of an original 40 minute session.  However, there has been no editing to change the actual outcome or general content of the presentation from its original form.  The full length session is a part of the "Live Ministry Demonstration Training Series One"  you can obtain in the On-Line Store.

DO NOT attempt this process in your ministry or personal life without completing the 
full training provided.  This particular session is simple and straight forward and thus provides you an introduction to what a typical TPM session might look like, but DOES NOT equip you to do this ministry.  You are missing VITAL information needed for dealing with the complexity you may encounter when ministering to some people.  Take ministry seriously and be well prepared.

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