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Her Testimony a Full Year Later

Claudia Kornaros discovered her three year old son strangulated by a mini-blind cord and assumed he was dead. This event highly traumatized this mother to the point that she became hyper-stressed over the safety of her children. She sought Theophostic Prayer Ministry and was able to receive a single ministry session six days after the traumatic event. She states that following that one session all emotional stress was completely released. In this video clip she reports that a year later there have been no negative emotions related to the event since her one session.

Recent testimony update

Claudia Kornaros 3-07

"It has been over a year since the one session I had with Dr. Ed Smith. Today when I watch the video clip posted on the TPM website, I remember the trauma of the accident but it is surreal. I can see all the grief and hurt I was experiencing, but I cannot relate to it anymore. It is very much like the inability to recall the pain of giving birth. The joy and peace overshadow the pain. Although, in this case the pain is actually gone, it's just not there.

That one session was the only ministry I have received surrounding this accident. It appears that in that one session of Theophostic Prayer ministry the Lord dispelled every lie connected to my son's accident. Since my prayer session, I have a deep sense of the Lord's presence that brings stability to my mind. He's right here with me. I am in constant dialogue with Him now as He literally walks alongside of me teaching me how to parent my children from day to day. That deep sense of aloneness is gone. I had no idea how alone I had felt as a parent until that prayer session. Now I realize the feeling of complete and utter inadequacy and aloneness was apparently tied to the childhood memory of not being able to help my sister during her asthma attack. However, since the Lord revealed truth in that place those feelings are gone. (Note: This memory was edited out of the sample but is included in the full length session).

My fear of losing a child, although I pray consistently for their safety, is also gone. I still keep a close eye on them, but the intense fear of loss is just not there. This is indeed a miracle! Now, I experience the joy that replaced that cloud of sadness on the day I heard from the Lord.

I use TPM to minister to my children. For example, no more long hours in the night trying unsuccessfully to comfort them after a nightmare. "Mama, I had a really scary dream. Will you pray me through?" (This is how we refer to a TPM session). Literally, it takes about 2 minutes of getting down to the lie which the scary dream stirred up, they hear truth from the Lord and my children are off to a peaceful and sound sleep usually giggling with the joy the Lord replaces their fear with. Amazing!

As a footnote, my eldest son who was 7 at the time of the accident was so angry at himself for not doing something to save his little brother. He had embraced a lie that he was responsible to always protect his brother and sister. However, after "praying him through" he received the truth, "It was not his fault" from the Lord. Since that time he has been free of the anger and no longer carries the weight of having to be the protector. I continue to watch for signs of any residual lies in little Isaac, but so far I have not noticed anything and he is too busy being a superhero as a 4 year old should! Thankfully, there are no more window blinds in our home, but he still loves to jump off the couch! I see the joy in that and now we jump off the couch together!

Claudia Kornaros
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