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Introduction to Session


The week prior to this woman's session she discovered her young child entangled in a mini-blind cord unconscious and near death from strangulation.  The emotional duress at the time of this ministry session is intense and overwhelming for her.  She tells how the resulting fear and panic from the event is controlling her present life.  Some might conclude that her emotional state is a predictable and normal response to such a severe crisis.  It is true that during the moment of the event her panic was a protective response to the crisis she encountered. However, the emotional pain she carried forward is not. What is important to see is how the panic and other painful emotion she brought into the session is completely resolved through truth that replaces her lie-based thinking.  

Her two testimonies reveal the lasting impact that the truth she receive had on her life.  If there is no lasting transformation following a ministry session then it is questionable whether anything significant actually occurred.  The test of validity is not the experience but the transformation to follow. However, the following day she is reporting complete resolution and a year later makes the statement that she has not had any problem with the memory since the time of the session.

AGAIN: PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS MINISTRY APPROACH WITHOUT THE FULL TRAINING.  If you are thinking "I can do this," please resist the temptation to rush out and do so without completing the proper training. This video clip WILL NOT equip you to do this ministry.  Be wise when seeking to minister to the lives of emotionally wounded people.  Invest the time and energy to be as proficient as possible.

Do you want more information about Theophostic Prayer Mininstry before you watch the live ministry session video? The video below is a word from the founder giving a general overview of this prayer process.

To watch the live ministry session click link below to go to session menu.
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