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Live Ministry Session

WARNING: This video session will NOT equip you to do this ministry. Please DO NOT attempt doing this form of ministry based upon what you observe in this sample ministry session. You are lacking MUCH vital information needed for applying this prayer ministry process.  If you choose to do otherwise you do so at your own risk and unwise choosing which could result in unfortunate outcomes for those you are trying to help. If you desire to do this form of ministry, please invest the time and effort in learning to do it well. Training is available.  Please do not ever call what you do THEOPHOSTIC unless you have fulfilled all of the training and ardently follow the Ministry Session Guidelines.

Please Read Before Viewing Video Session

Claudia Kornaros and Issacc
This video contains a live ministry session. After viewing it
please go to the links on the menu page to debrief the session contents and read and hear the person's follow up testimony and report she shares two years following this session.

You are encouraged to read through this website to discover the concepts and principles on which this ministry is based. However, until you witness a real person with real emotional pain find resolution and peace through encountering the presence of Christ, what you learn will remain merely concepts and principles. This video session is one in a collection of seven live ministry sessions used to train potential ministry facilitators in the proper application of TPM as part of the Basic Training.

Notice throughout the session how the facilitator is careful to follow the Theophostic Ministry session Guidelines:

- The facilitator does not offer his opinions, counsel, insight or own truth.
- The facilitator does not ever make any insinuation about memory content.
- The facilitator does not look for or make any assumptions about demons.
- The facilitator does not interpret anything that occurs or is said.
- The facilitator does not have her visualize or envision anything.
- The facilitator continually acknowledges the woman's will throughout the process letting her make all decision about where the session goes.
- The facilitator does not ask Jesus to take the woman any place, but lets the process flow according to the person's own "belief and choice."
- The facilitator does not make any diagnosis about the woman's mental condition.
- The facilitator does pray and ask the Lord for truth and grace.

Notice:  Enlarge the video by selecting the expand ICON in the lower right hand portion of the VIDEO player. 

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