Live Ministry Demonstration DVD Series


Live Ministry Demonstration Sessions 7-DVD set

Learn by watching! Real ministry sessions demonstrating the basic principles.

NOTE: This series of live ministry sessions is designed to supplement the Basic Training Seminar (8 DVD set) and the Basic Seminar Manual and other training materials required for the full training. This set of live ministry sessions will NOT equip you to do this ministry.  Please DO NOT order this set unless you are planning on completing the full training.

This DVD series contains seven DVD disks and one student workbook. Each DVD contains one live session along with Q&A following each session. These sessions provide a clear model for what a TPM session should look like.

Dr. Ed Smith facilitates each session with an on-screen running commentary explaining what is happening as it occurs. These are real sessions with real people in emotional pain. Dr. Ed did not know these people prior to the session and therefore it gives a good representation of what a real session might look like from the initial introduction.


You are required to own you own copy of the Basic Training Seminar Manual and have access to the Basic Training Seminar on DVD before ordering this series. You will be asked when you order this set to state that you own the Basic Training. Please do not place an order unless you meet this criteria.

This live ministry session training package includes seven full length DVDs, Student workbook and sturdy carrying case.

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