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Facilitator Evaluation Training F.E.T.

Theophostic Prayer Ministry
Facilitator Evaluation Training


Look Below to register and
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to Host a F.E.T. in your location!

- 3 Days of Personal Supervised Training with Dr. Ed Smith (Founder of
Theophostic Prayer)

- Small Group Setting (Max. 16 people)

- Receive Latest Updated Training in Theophostic Prayer Ministry

- Your personal ministry facilitation skills will be supervised, evaluated,
and strengthened.

"I can’t tell you how happy I am to have had this opportunity. It was truly a God-provided time.
Roberta S. (Houston, TX F.E.T.)

Three days of TPM Training

F.E.T. consists of two full days and two ½ days of intensive training, supervision, and mentoring in Theophostic Prayer Ministry under the leadership of Dr. Ed Smith (founder) and his son Joshua Smith. The training process is practical and "hands on” within a small group setting (16 individuals in total). Live ministry sessions will be modeled and demonstrated. Roll played, ministry scenarios and video demonstrations will be used to reveal common areas of concern, and up-to-date principles and techniques will be presented throughout the training in both lecture and discussion.

Personal Evaluation and Critique

Each participant will be afforded opportunity to facilitate live ministry sessions while being evaluated, mentored, and instructed by Ed Smith and Joshua Smith for the purpose of strengthening and improving the trainee's ministry facilitation expertise. The learning environment will be non-threatening and supportive yet probing and intentional. The overall objective will be to identify areas that need improvement in the trainee's facilitation, to reinforce his or her strengths, and to supplement and equip the trainee with good ministry practices. Each participant should leave the training with a new confidence and higher level of ministry facilitation expertise.

"My goal is to be an excellent facilitator who stays within TPM Guidelines, so working closely with Ed and Joshua gave me much more confidence as a facilitator. I was able to get answers about the process that will help me grow. I especially liked learning the refinements to the TPM process since 2007 which simplify the sessions.”
Kathy E., Executive Director, Serenity Retreat (Houston, TX F.E.T.)


Who should apply?

- People who can make a quick decision… (The group size is limited to the first 16 who apply.)
- People who desire to be the best ministry facilitators they can be…
- People who are willing to be evaluated, critiqued, and invested into…
- People who have a teachable spirit, who want to grow and improve, and who want to
develop good facilitation skills...
- People who wish to avoid bad habits and practices…

- And especially people who will take what they have learned back home and train and
evaluate those who are on their ministry team...

Recommendations for Participation

Participants are encouraged to completed the TPM Basic Training before attending this event. In order to gain the most from this training, you will need to have a basic understanding of TPM and some experience applying it. FET is designed for all levels of TPM facilitators from the novice to the seasoned veteran in ministry.

What should you gain from participating?

  • You will receive three days worth of personalized mentoring from Dr. Ed Smith (founder of Theophostic Prayer Ministry) and Joshua Smith. Each participant will be specifically worked with and personally evaluated. The training is tailored to you and your level of ministry facilitation experience.

  • You will journey with a small group of fellow facilitators, learning and growing together. Your ministry facilitation will be observed, critiqued, and strengthened by both Dr. Ed and Joshua both while other trainees share in your journey so that all benefit from each others experience.

  • You will receive the most up to date teaching and information available on TPM directly from the founder.

  • You will receive a certificate of completion suitable for framing.


"Since I have returned from the training and implemented what I learned,
I have seen significant growth in my effectiveness..."

Pastor Bruce H. (Houston, TX F.E.T.)


Point to consider

If you are a part of a ministry team in your church or ministry center you might consider sending at least one person from your group (your best facilitator) to take this training so that they can come back and train and evaluate your group. This way the cost could be spread around to the entire group and all would benefit.

F.E.T. Registration

You may register online by clicking the location choices below. This link will take you to the TPM Online store. You may also register either by email or by phone. You will be contacted once you are approved. Please do not assume that you are registered until you receive a registration confirmation email from the TPM office.There is limited space available (Max. 16) and therefore not all applicants will be able to participate. So act now!


To register, simply click on the location that you would like to attend.

Fort Myers, Fl - March 5-8 (COMPLETED)

Fort Myers, Fl - March 19-22 (COMPLETED)

Fairfax, VA -April 23-26, (COMPLETED)

Omaha, NE - June 11-14, (COMPLETED)

Minneapolis, MN - June 25-28(COMPLETED)

Minneapolis, MN - June 30-July 3 (COMPLETED)

Greenville, SC - September 3-6 (COMPLETED)

Greenville, SC - September 8-11 (COMPLETED)

Bellville, TX - October 8-11 (COMPLETED)

Bellville, TX - October 13-16 (COMPLETED)

NOTE: If you get the message "OUT OF STOCK" when you try to register
the training location is FULL
. If location is FULL be sure and get on a waiting list.

Click here to send email.

Cost: $475.00

Registration Options:

- OnLine: Click the location of your choice. You will have a secured place when you complete this transaction.

- Phone: 270-465-3757(Leave your name, phone number, and a message explaining that you would like to be included in training. Please know that your message does NOT guarantee your spot. Register ONLINE to secure place in real time.

- EMAIL: (You will not have a secured spot until registration is complete)

NOTE: Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. This is determined by who registers in the online store first. Your best option is register yourself online. Click the location of your choice above.

Special Greenville, SC. General Daily Schedule

Monday 1:00 - 5:30PM (Eat lunch before you arrive)

Tuesday 9:00AM - 5:30PM

Wednesday 9:00 AM - 5:30PM

Thursday 9:00AM - 1:00PM

NOTICE: If you get an "OUT OF STOCK" message when you try to register,
this means that all spots have been filled. You can contact the
TPM office to be placed on a list for the next scheduled training.

Registration fee only covers cost of training. You are responsible for all your own food, lodging, and transportation.

Would you like to host F.E.T. in your ministry location?

We are presently determining future locations for 2015. If you live in an area near an international airport, motels, restaurants, and have a facility suitable to host this training, contact us ASAP! This training is an excellent opportunity to raise your group's effectiveness and well worth the investment.

Send an email to



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