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Special Note for Using Guidelines

A true Theophostic Prayer Ministry session should follow these guidelines. Read them carefully before your ministry session. Take them with you to your session and ask the facilitator to read them and affirm that this is what he or she will be doing. If they cannot agree with these guidelines, make the decision as to what you desire before proceeding with the session. Their unwillingness to follow these guidelines DOES NOT mean that the ministry they offer is less effective than TPM. It simply means that what they are offering is NOT TPM.

Before seeking personal ministry from any person who claims they are using Theophostic Prayer read the section "Receiving Personal Ministry" on this website.

If you read about a negative experience claiming to involve the use of Theophostic Prayer, please examine carefully to see if what was being administered was in fact TPM.  Of the few negative reports of which we are aware, each case was in fact NOT Theophostic Prayer, but a variation of, an augmetation to, or flat out something else or just simply bad therapy.  Just because a person calls what he or she does by the name "Theophostic" does not make it so.  If you know of a person who is calling what they do Theophostic yet not following the Guidelines and prescribed protocol please contact this office.

Final Note:

Please know neither Theophostic Prayer Ministry nor the founder Ed M. Smith makes any recommendation of any person doing ministry. Please be wise and discerning as you seek ministry from others. Not everyone who says they are administering Theophostic Prayer Ministry is in fact doing so. Use these guidelines as a starting point for discerning what is being offered you. Also, read the book "Healing Life's Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer" by Edward M. Smith as an introduction of what this ministry teaches. If at any point you feel uncomfortable with what is happening in a ministry session, simply stop the session and decide what it is you need or desire from the person doing the ministry with you.

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