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Start Here: Seeking Personal Ministry

Seeking Personal Ministry

NOTE: This website does not make referrals for ministry.  This page is intended to assist you to prepare yourself as you seek to identify a potential prayer facilitator.

Use every precaution as you seek ministry from any person. Be an informed recipient of ministry.  Educate yourself about Theophostic Prayer before you begin your search. Please know that not everyone saying they are using Theophostic Prayer is indeed doing so.  We have no way to assure you that the person you connect with is credible.
Very Important: Please know you are personally responsible for any decision you make concerning whom you may select from which you receive ministry. No person, church, counseling center, ministry organization, etc. is endorsed by, related to or referred by this website, Theophostic Prayer Ministry, New Creation Publishing, International Association for Theophostic Ministry, Dr. Edward Smith.  You should take care when selecting your ministry facilitator.
Click and read these links before seeking ministry: 

Read the FREE download of the book Healing Life's Hurts as an introduction  

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Where does a person go who is in need of this ministry?

Is there a listing/directory of people who say they are doing Theophostic Prayer?

What can I do in preparation for looking for a ministry facilitator?

Will Theophostic Prayer benefit a person who is dealing with grief and loss issues?

Can a person make a ministry session appointment with Ed Smith?

What are the Ministry Session Guidelines?

Article written answering the question, "Can TPM Result in a Bad experience?"

IATM Public Membership Directory

What TPM Does Not Claim to DO
  • Change what is currently true in a person's life. Theophostic Prayer Ministry is focused on the lies one believes not what is true.  However, as the lies are removed and replaced with truth people's lives are transformed and thus change toward godliness.
  • Change what is true in a person's memory. (If something bad happened then this is the truth. Creating a new "version,” such as is done with guided imagery, does not bring lasting change.)
  • Remove appropriate shame and guilt that is rooted in sin apart from the cross of Christ. If I have sinned then I should feel bad about it.
  • Release a person from their lies against their will. Freedom is always about belief and choice.
  • Prevent a person from making wrong choices after they are healed. When the lies are removed the right choices become more available.
  • Help true mental illness that is not rooted in faulty/lie-based thinking.
  • Replace the need for on going bible study, discipleship, teaching and instruction.
  • Replace the need for quality mental and medical health.

    Are there any medical concerns when doing this kind of ministry?

    We have no knowledge of any medical concerns being reported from
    any person over the last 12 years of TPM's existence.  However, dealing with emotional issues can be stressful at times and you should seek your doctor's advice if you have concern about any medical condition you may have. Also, if you are pregnant or suspect that you may be, do inform your medical doctor about what is involved in this form of ministry and that you may experience emotional stress while receiving ministry.  Working in the context of emotional pain can be physically strenuous.  Use wisdom and follow your doctor's direction.

    A word from Dr. Ed Smith to ministry facilitators.



A word from Dr. Ed to ministry facilitators. Details
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