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Reviews & Testimonies

Here you will find the encouraging results of those who have benefited from our training materials. Mental health professionals, pastors, lay ministers and ministry recipients speak about their experiences. Plus, many additional pastors testimonies are available at the bottom link.
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Listen to the Founder's personal testimony at the bottom of this section.

Interview with Dr. Tim Clinton; President of American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)

Reviews and from Professionals

"As executive director of a faith-based transitional housing/recovery program, I view the Theophostic Prayer method as a critical part of the recovery program. We minister primarily to people with drug and alcohol addictions. When designing our program we knew our success would be based on whether or not the program residents were truly set free from the bondage of drugs and alcohol. Knowing that these addictions are the surface issues of deeper problems, Theophostic ministry helps us get to those root causes.
Larry Refsland, Executive Director Rewind, Inc.

"We live in an age of ecumenism, when God is blessing us with the gifts of many other Christian denominations. Jesus prayed that his followers might become one (Jn 17:20-21), and by revealing different gifts in different denominations, God seems to be drawing us back to the unity for which Jesus prayed. In my view, Theophostic Prayer Ministry is one such blessing that crosses denominational boundaries. In a time when the church and priests are in such need of healing, may this gift that I believe God has provided, be received as a blessing for many.
Robert T. Sears, SJ, Ph.D. of Loyola University Chicago, Institute of Pastoral Studies

"I have been practicing psychotherapy for 20 years and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker as well as a Certified Addiction Counselor. I have been practicing Theophostic ministry for the past 3 years both in my office and at my church; First United Methodist of Athens, GA. I am grateful that I've had the previous years of traditional practice, so I have a comparison of the incredible healing that happens through God. One of the first people God brought to me after I took the training, was a woman who was suicidal and severely depressed. She lived a life of 40 something years abused in every way possible, grew up in an alcoholic home and had married and divorced the same. In 6 months she was no longer dealing with shame, felt worthwhile and knew she had a purpose in God. On top of that, she entered into a blessed relationship with a Christian man and they will soon marry. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what God has done. I find that I can no longer practice just traditional psychotherapy anymore. Why use a scalpel when you have a laser?
Angela Davis, Athens, GA

"TPM has revolutionized my Christian Counseling practice since I began employing it in 2001. When I simply get out of the way, and let God take over the session, and follow TPM exactly as I am trained, my clients experience breakthroughs that are nothing short of miraculous. (And I do not use that word lightly). Moreover, these breakthroughs take place in a matter of a few short hours in most cases. The results, as far as I can see in follow-ups, are permanent: Anger, depression, and anxiety are replaced by love, joy, and peace, which is exactly what we should expect when our wounds are brought into the presence of God (Gal 5:22). I firmly believe that TPM will be remembered as a great turning point in the history of emotional and psychological healing, and it is very exciting to be a part of what God is doing. My thanks to Dr. Ed Smith and his staff for their wonderful work!"
Dr. Scott Lownsdale, Ed.D. Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Rockford, IL.

I had worked as a mental health professional for 25 years before I was introduced to Theophostic Ministries in January of 2002. As a Christian counselor I had tried every major secular and Christian counseling approach and I was getting "tolerable recovery" and as the director of a sex offender treatment program, I was getting "intolerable recovery" with the clients. For this reason, I was excited when I first heard about TPM and after almost 3 years of using TPM I am still excited. It has truly revolutionized my life and my practice. I am now in private practice and doing some work for a Christian Youth Home that hired me to train their staff to do TPM. One boy who was admitted to our facility was in deep pain when he arrived because his best friend had been killed 2 weeks earlier. I prayed with him theophostically and he was set free from the pain and grief of that loss in the first session. He has since received Jesus as his Savior and is continuing to receive healing in other areas of his life. I am thankful that God has shown me how He can heal people through the use of these simple biblical principles. Jim Gardner, Ph.D. Nashville, TN

"I am a Clinical Social Worker with a private practice. I have been counseling for about seven years and had gotten to the spot of frustruation and questioning my career choice. I have been using Theophostic Ministry for about a year. The most memorable case, beside my own, is a client I had worked with for two years. She is very young and had lost her husband in a horse back riding accident. The grieving process has been long and hard, but in a Theophostic moment God revealed to her a scene of such utter peace and tranquility that she stated, "I will never feel alone again." Her life has turned around in a dramatic way, proving God wants His children to be set free. I pray that I will continue to be available to God to use me to help others discover the truth they need to be free indeed.
Vickie Knowlden, LCSW

"I am witnessing lasting miraculous healing by the Lord Jesus Christ..." For the first time in my 20 year career as a clinical social worker, I am witnessing lasting miraculous healing by the Lord Jesus Christ in the trauma memories of my clients. I see patients (who before, I did not believe were even emotionally strong enough by clinical standards), move towards memory work and find resolution of their trauma and become high functioning members of society because of what Jesus' is doing through Theophostic Prayer Ministry."
Dr. James W. Eisenhower, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Christian Psychotherapy Services, Virginia Beach, VA.

"As a mental health professional with 25 years of counseling experience, I never cease to be amazed with the effectiveness of Theophostic Prayer Ministry in my practice. I have used this method for many thousands of hours over the last five years and routinely witness God working directly, powerfully and consistently to restore emotionally wounded people's lives. Without wanting to sound flippant, the miraculous has become common-place. But then the miraculous is normal and common for God."
Frank Meadows, Virginia Beach, VA.

"Theophostic Ministry has proven an effective therapeutic tool with selected patients in the psychiatric hospital environment. Not only has this emotional healing tool made a significant difference in treatment outcome in the lives of most patients involved, but also its effects have been most meaningful in my personal life."
Richard L. Bowen, M.Div.,Th.M.,L.C.S.W. Clinical Chaplain, Cape Fear Medical System, Inc., AACC Member.

"The central technique taught by Dr. Ed Smith should be understood and practiced by any form of counseling that represents itself as Christian. Smith's clear instructions allow Jesus to work directly on the source of unhealed pain. Smith trains counselors to identify and expose lies and step aside for God to reveal truth and heal."
E. James Wilder, Ph.D

"When I was first exposed to Theophostic Ministry in the spring of '98 I knew this felt like a breakthrough in counseling ministry. My experience since then and for the last year confirms that Theophostic Counseling is indeed breakthrough quality."
John E. Lehman, ACSW, LCSW, BCD, Charter Member AACC since founding, member NASW.

"We have a total of nine workers who have been trained in Theophostic counseling. Since offering this method, our staff has become overwhelmed with people seeking help and are being placed on a waiting list..."
Euell T. White, Ph.D., Director of Counseling, Florence, AL.

We have been applying the Theophostic Principles for five years at "Recovery for the City", a faith-based 12 step program for people who seeking freedom from addictions and compulsive behaviors. Many hundreds of people have found true freedom as they have invited the Risen Lord Jesus Christ into the places of their deepest hurts. We especially see Jesus showing up when people release their bitterness and sinful past as they embrace Him as their personal Lord and Savior. What an approach to Evangelism! Who would not want to give their lives to The One who can, not only forgive sins, but also heal the broken heart!" Gary accepted Christ in my office and was healed of the abuses his dad had produced in his life. He had not been sober in his adult life. Today, he's been sober for three years and is one of our leaders."
Dr. Paul Hardy, Founder, "Recovery for the City" Atlantic Shores Baptist Church Virginia Beach, Virginia

Ministry in Texas "booked two months in advance" using TPM We are a five-year-old center for healing prayer. Three years ago, we begin to use Theophostic prayer and now we have 25 weekly prayer volunteers, a 7,000 square foot building and we are booked two months in advance for Theophostic prayer. We have seen hundreds of people set free! We operate on donations only, and God has provided everything we have needed. Our policy here is that when we pray for inner healing, it is only Theophostic. Anything else is not giving the person our best.
Rev. Kathy Eason (United Methodist)Director, Serenity Retreat for Healing and Spiritual Renewal Houston, TX

"Prior to using Theophostic Prayer Ministry, I had practiced psychotherapy with marginal success for 21 years from a secular, cognitive-behavioral approach in counseling. This secular approach changed completely when I received training in Theophostic Prayer Ministry. I have completed all training that this ministry offers to include the Basic and Advanced training and both the Level I and Level II Apprenticeship. My role as psychotherapist has shifted from being in control to leading the client to Jesus. The paradigm shift has taken effort and commitment, but I am delighted to look to Jesus for understanding and direction. The effectiveness of the approach is confirmed by the marvelous healing (mind renewal) I continually witness in people that Christ provides when TPM is offered. These results are being confirmed by a two-year research project in which I participated, that is promising statistically significant spiritual, mental and behavioral transformation in over 80% of the cases we studied. Clients consistently report deep inner healing and a realization of truth and resultant life transformation as I administer this process. It is both awesome and humbling and I am grateful to the Lord for this powerful and effective way of providing healing. I believe that every person involved in professional or lay ministry will benefit from each of these training experiences as well.
Dr. Terry Zuehlke, Minneapolis, MN.


Testimonies from the Ministry Recipient









2800 People Surveyed After Having Received TPM

Read summary of a doctoral student's research and dissertation.
(Ministry Recipient Satisfaction Survey)
To read full length dissertation go to the Research Finding Section.

A Mother Finds Three Year Old Son Strangled by Mini Blind Cord

A Mother finds her 3-year old son nearly strangled in mini-blind cord 6 days before receiving TPM with Dr. Smith at a Live Basic Training. (She was at a Basic Training Seminar where Ed Smith was providing live demonstrations of TPM for the trainees. She was a volunteer for ministry.) "My eyes were closed, my hand was raised as high into the air as I could possibly raise it, hoping and praying that it was the Lord's will that Dr. Smith would choose me for the next Theophostic prayer demonstration. Because of what I had just been through, I knew that everything in me cried out for a touch of truth from God..." Click Here to read full story.

Still Free of Bulimia SEVEN Years Following Theophostic Prayer Sessions

My healing adventure with Theophostic ministry began just after Thanksgiving, 2000. Since the autumn of 1979, I had been obsessed with bulimia. For 21 years—my entire adult life—my every waking moment was focused on looking for opportunities to binge and purge, planning the binges, bingeing, purging, cleaning up, covering up, over and over. I told a network of lies that were too intertwined to keep straight. Bulimia controlled every aspect of my life; it permeated every corner of my mind. I went to great lengths to maintain and hide my addiction—shoplifting, stealing from my husband and children, charging thousands of dollars on credit cards—whatever it took to keep bingeing and purging... Click here to read full story.

A Mother Finds Freedom from Obsessive Grief Over the Death of Her Daughter

...We got through the funeral and for the next 6 months I spent EVERY Monday at the hospital in Britt's room rocking in the rocking chair I had used so often. The rest of the week I spent sitting out at the cemetery at her grave, journaling and crying. Every day. I was headed for trouble and ended up in serious obsessive grief. I didn't know what was going on with my other two children. I still have little to no memories of them during that year and a half. All I wanted to do was die and be with her. I would drive around in the middle of the night, trying to convince myself to drive into the cement bridge or the river that runs through our city. Only by the grace of God did I not do it.

I was a mess and in great trouble but didn't know where to turn or what to do. And the longer time went on, the more obsessed I became because it seemed as if she was getting further and further away from me – so I held on to the memory even tighter. It was a losing battle.

I struggled for almost a year and a half and then one night I had a face to face encounter with Jesus. At that time I had never heard of Theophostic Prayer Ministry before, but I realize now that is exactly what took place... (Click here for the full length story).

The Process we call Theophostic Occurs Often Outside the context of a "Theophostic" session.

The basic concept of Theophostic is nothing new. God has been doing the same through the ages and does such with those who will slow things down and listen. Hear an incredible testimony from a 13 year old boy who listened and heard a word from the Lord. (Click here for the full story).

Mother Loses Son to Suicide Yet Finds Peace in Truth

In April, 2006 our 22 year old son died by suicide. He hanged himself. We didn't see it coming. We were totally shocked, as we saw his life beginning to take shape. He was supposed to be getting married in two months. Not only did it hurt to realize we were without him for the rest of our lives, but that we were unable to help him through whatever pushed him to it, because we didn't know anything was wrong. We were devastated to say the least...
(Click here to read the full story)

A word from Canada

I had been actively searching for real healing for many years. I actually had had a "Theophostic" experience back in 1990 when the Lord healed me from a terrible rape experience when he showed up in the memory and showed me the rest of the story; the parts that were invisible to my eyes and I could never have known about at the time. When I shared my experience with a friend in 2000, she said it sounded like Theophostic Ministry. She had taken the basic seminar and gave me her textbook to read. I bought it from her when I read it. I was thrilled to know that someone had actually written down how to get this kind of healing experience and I could offer the same thing to others. I contacted, the pastor she had taken the training from, Deitrich Demerais in Winnipeg. I called him to see if he was offering another training that I could attend and if he knew where I could take my friends to get this kind of healing right away before I got trained. He invited me to his Thursday night healing prayer service. I took many friends there and finally took the training myself. I asked Deitrich if I could come along to his services and sit in on some of his prayer sessions so that I could see for myself how it was done. He invited me to join the team and step by step I observed, then practiced with various experienced members of the team. It was a wonderful mentoring kind of training. After about 2 years I found myself being the experienced team member and helped to mentor others at Deitrich's church.

About a year and a half ago I moved 3000 miles east of Winnipeg to a small town in New Brunswick. I lent the book Healing Life's Hurts by Dr. Ed Smith to several pastors in this community. They were accepting of the concepts as he presented them. The first people I prayed with here were non church attending people. Then we settled into a church and I have been asked to pray with my pastor, several ladies in the church and occasionally someone in the pastor's office with him as my silent prayer partner. I still pray with friends in Manitoba by phone. (I know it's not recommended but they are close friends or family members who don't have access to Deitrich's church on Thursday nights).

Some of the healings I have seen Jesus give have been with people who's loved one committed suicide, victims of horrendous abuse, molestation, and all kinds of bondage in regards to personal insecurity and co-dependent relationships.

My own healing journey has been long and arduous at times but the successful healing sessions I have had kept me going back for more. I have been healed of a great many 'large boulder' things including sexual assault, crippling fears, depression and so many minute detail issues. Some of my healings have actually caused me to forget incidents that I know plagued me for years but now have been relegated to the file of the unimportant incidents.

The greatest result I have seen is that over the course of about 5 years of receiving my own healing on a regular basis is that I have actually been healed enough to be able to hear and see and experience Jesus Christ at a whole new level. Just today I walked out of a cage of serious self imposed confinement that I have been living in for 22 years. I am so free it makes me giddy at times. I have seen angels and the face of the Lord Jesus Christ. All doubt about the goodness of God has been wiped away. I am in the midst of my own personal revival and it is wonderful. I find that many of the people I am in contact with are very attracted to me. It's a new experience. 7 years ago a pastor referred to me as an "extra grace required" Christian and a tornado. Today I am living proof that the Lord Jesus can handle a wounded soul like mine and make it beautiful.

My advice to all those who have ever had Theophostic Prayer Ministry or are looking for any kind of healing prayer is this:

Never give up. Never quit. If one person doesn't seem to be able to help because of their personal prayer style, look for someone else. Keep seeking your healing from the Lord no matter what. He wants you to have your healing and will help you. It won't be ALL better in one session but each session takes a whole lot less time and is a whole lot more beneficial than all the counselling you will ever pay for no matter how good the counsellor is.
Owing Jesus much for teaching Dr Ed Smith how to articulate this method of healing prayer.
Muriel Rae

T.P.M. blesses a ministry and a marriage

After 30 years of working in healing ministry my husband and I are now only working in Theophostic Ministry. We have found TP isn't just something you learn or are trained for but TP becomes a part of your daily lives. We are facilitator's for TP Basic's in our small group at our church and also, see individuals by appointments. We have seen TP redefine the healing ministry...We still need to meditate on the word daily, but Jesus is willing and ready to come to us and let us experience Him and bring renewal to our minds.
We pray with numerous young people that are full of anger and rage. It is so wonderful to see them, by their wills, release their anger and Jesus meet them with His love and renew their minds. Yes, we do pray with them for forgiveness but not always until they experience Jesus love and mind renewal. To see someone set free in this area in a few hours after a lifetime of anger, resentment, bitterness, etc. and ready to receive and give love is a true work of Christ. A couple in ministry

A Life is "totally changed" in South Africa.

Theophostic Ministry has totally changed my life over the past three years. When I look back at the struggles and healing journey of the past few years, I stand amazed. The major depression, shame, co-dependent behavior patterns, suicidal thinking, and agony is gone. I don't even remember all the details of all the memories until I look into old journals. And then it's: "Oh yes, I remember" - but there's no pain. It's so great to feel good about myself without having to find validation in others' opinions. And the more healing I experience, the more successful I am in leading other people to experiencing the same healing and freedom. Karen Hayward, South Africa


Testimonies from the Lay Minister

Lay counselor in Alabama church finds personal freedom.
I am one of 16 lay counselors at Liberty Church in Birmingham, AL. Most of us have been through Theophostic's basic training. For a while, we practiced on each other, but now we are using this wonderful ministry to other hurting people. We have seen some powerful breakthroughs for many people. I struggled with sexual fantasy through the majority of my life. The Lord showed me an instance when I was about 7 or 8 years old. My parents yelled at me, and I went to my room to run away. I saw myself kneeling in front of my dresser starting to pack my clothes in my suitcase. I knew I couldn't run away, but I felt trapped, know one understands me, know one will listen to me, and I need to "ESCAPE." Jesus then spoke to this cluster of lies. He said, "I hear all your prayers, come to me, and I am the only one you need to run to." The Lord is showing me so many real instances in my childhood that I have totally forgotten about. There is much, much more to report, but I know the shackles are beginning to fall off and there is so much hope.
Chris Meek, Birmingham, Alabama

Lay minister in Alberta, Canada experiences "life changing effects."
In the summer of 2004 my wife and I arrived late for a Revival Conference. I dropped my wife off at the door and had to park a block away which frustrated me somewhat but did not bother me as much as the thought that we would have to sit in the back which I hated because I like to be close enough to see the speaker. Sure enough, the auditorium was packed and when I finally located my wife sitting in the back, I noticed her moaning in disappointment and complained to her about getting there late, etc. I was so miserable I couldn't enter into worship and didn't even want to stay. I thought to myself "I have got to break through this or I might as well not even be here." While everyone else was worshiping with singing, I focused on my feelings of disappointment and asked the Lord to reveal to me why I'm being so badly affected. The thought came to my mind that my father was always disappointed with me as a child and in turn I was disappointed with myself. I focused on and embraced the emotional pain of being a disappointment to my father and to myself and tears began to stream down my face. I then asked the Lord to reveal to me what He wanted me to know about being such a disappointment to my father. I sensed that the Lord was telling me "Your father did not see that he had such a good boy who tried very hard to please him. But I saw it and I am very pleased with your efforts. You have never been a disappointment to me." The emotional pain subsided and I felt God's love and peace and was able to enter into worship and enjoy the rest of the evening. Since then I have found that I do not feel like a disappointment to myself, to God, to my boss, or my family. I do not feel I have to please them as I did before.
Ron Fischer, Lay Minister, Edmonton, AB Canada

A school teacher in New Zealand helps people to be "set free" I have been involved with TPM for the past twenty months. I work as a secondary school teacher and do TPM work as a lay worker with a local church, dedicating five hours a week to ministry (although enthusiastic family members wanting ministry occasionally causes the number of hours to exceed that!). For me, being involved with TPM has been the source of incredible blessing - I had always had a vision for helping people be set free without having the faintest notion about how that was going to come about, but with TPM, God has given me the tools to do just that. I have seen God set people free from a host of different issues. I would estimate that 95% of the people I see receive resolution of the specific issues they present with. TPM has also had a significant effect on my own life. While I am aware that there are still numerous issues to be dealt with, God has healed me in many areas to leave me feeling more secure personally and generally more functional and 'whole'.
René Sjardin, Tauranga, New Zealand

Australian couple is experiencing freedom in marriage and ministry.
We have been growing in the experience of Theophostics since late 1999 and, as we have each received healing, the most noticeable change has been in our marriage. After 32 years, most of them filled with conflict, we now have a peace we never believed possible and can now turn any very occasional moment of strife into an opportunity for further healing which is such a miracle. We are active in ministering to people who have been emotionally wounded. TPM has made our ministry so much more effective and we regularly see people set free from emotional issues that have existed for a long time. As a result of seeing these dramatic changes in our lives and in the lives of those we minister to, Stuart has just completed a Christian counseling course to become an accredited counselor with the goal of setting up a healing ministry within our church. We see TPM as an effective tool for healing Christians and non-Christians alike, and as a dynamic outreach into our city.
Stuart and Deanne Charlton, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

God's Word "embedded in the heart" through TPM.
I have experienced Theophostic ministry for about 5 years--both personally and being involved in prayer ministry at our church. A few minutes of encounter with the Living Word, the Lord Jesus, in the Theophostic process has resulted in transformation that long hours of other ministry has not accomplished. The breakthroughs are indeed life-changing and lasting. When the living Lord Jesus speaks His own word into the life, it is no longer a message rehearsed in the brain, but it is embedded in the heart as a precious treasure of revelation--going beyond insight, as the light of truth banishes darkness and dispels lies which have been believed for a lifetime. We rejoice in the deep levels of freedom that have come into many lives, and thank the Lord for this process.

Lay ministry couple from England seeing "miracles" on a "regular basis."
My wife and I have been using TPM for 18 months and are operating as a lay ministry team in England under the authority of a local church and within a family of churches. From a starting point of zero ministry experience, we have successfully used TPM with over 50 people including one non-Christian. AFTER being set free, leading her to the Lord was easy! We have seen "mind renewal" healing from many types of sexual and physical abuse and from trauma such as death of a spouse and suicide of a close family member. We have also seen people set free from depression and panic attacks. If someone had told us two years ago that we would be seeing miracles happening before our eyes, on a regular predictable basis, I would have laughed at them. Now, I know we should never be surprised when Jesus does what the Word said He would do.
Mike and Anne Crane Manchester, England

Mom in Texas thankful for kids' "REAL-LIFE relationship with their Lord."
We've been using TPM in our church for 3 years and are very excited to see the principles working better and better as our team of 3 becomes more experienced, trained, and healed ourselves. We are seeing truly incredible victories in people's lives through TPM and we sense this is just the beginning. Recently I ministered to my 9 year-old daughter who was "freaking out" about a regional spelling contest she was about to compete in. 3 days before the event she finally broke down sobbing, confessing her fear and dread of the event. She refused to compete (even though she had earned the opportunity through a previous victory) and was begging me to pull her out of the contest and let the alternate candidate go in her place. Nothing I said could change her mind. But after 45 minutes of TPM the Lord brought her peace and calm about the event, and she was able to compete in a relaxed frame of mind and did very well. Wow! It's absolutely incredible to see my kids (7 and 9) developing a powerful, trusting, REAL-LIFE relationship with their Lord as they experience His great love and power through TPM Thank you for bringing TPM. to the everyday layperson.
Mary Cummings, Shady Grove Church, Irving, Texas

Lay Minister Witnesses God's Power for 5 Years and Counting
I've been involved in the Theophostic ministry as a lay minister for about 5 years. I've had the privilege of meeting with dozens of people and witnessing the power of God's healing touch time after time. Many of those who have gone through the ministry, are now ministering to others. Also, I have been healed in many areas of my life as a result of being in this ministry (James 5:16). If I did not see continual evidence of the healing power of God in the Theophostic ministry, I would have removed myself from it long ago.

Innocence restored in a Theophostic session.

I had been working with a 55 year old women who had been walled up in her home for nearly 6 months when I met her. No car, no job, on disability and on medication. After just 2 TPM sessions she felt secure enough to find a part time job. God gave her one just across the street from where she lived. Soon she was able to get her car fixed and quit taking her meds. She was divorced and her ex-husband refused to allow her access to her 17 year old daughter. After a few more sessions, she began to hope again for restoration of all things. She had a slight stuttering problem also. One night she came for ministry and dealt with early incest with a grandfather. God showed her a vision of her head in which the mouth had a padlock on it and there was smoke coming out of her ears. (The grandfather had threatened her about ever speaking about the incest.) Jesus removed the padlock and I asked if the little girl would like to tell this man what she thought. This led to a 3 minute explosion of all her feelings. (The night before the Lord told me to begin to pray the restoration of the lost innocence of a child in our prayer time.) Her last words to him were "you took my innocence." Wow!!! God is so good. We prayed for the innocence to be restored. She quit stuttering after that and has been restored to her daughter and is looking for full time work and is getting off disability. Praise the Lord. It only took 6 sessions. To God give the Glory.
Nina Zimmer


Testimony and Evaluation from Pastors and Church Leaders
The pastors who have listed contact information welcome your questions and dialogue about their experience with TPM. Please be sensitive to their busy schedules when corresponding. Avoid asking questions that are already answered on this website. Use emails where available.

As a pastor, I have used Theophostic Prayer Ministry for nine years and have found it to be a God-given tool for dealing with emotional and relational issues in people's lives. I have seen changes from the removal of lie-based thinking that were hindering a person's walk with God, understanding of their own personhood, and relationships with others, that I would describe as healing. I recommend TPM as a great application of Biblical principles in helping individuals and couples with their emotional and relational issues. It is an indispensable tool for me as a pastor, for which I am grateful.
Rev. Michael Gray, Newington Baptist Church, Gloucester, VA

"Theophostic Prayer Ministry has been a blessing to me and my ministry because of the truth it has revealed in my life. The healing and wholeness it has brought to me personally has helped me to be a more effective minister with others. I appreciate the fact that TPM allows God to do the work, so I don't feel the pressure to "fix" things in the lives of others I'm ministering to. It is so rewarding and incredible to watch God bring healing and freedom to people who have suffered from inner pain and struggle. I have had the privilege of using TPM with many students over the years and have watched as God brought total peace to areas of woundedness and hurt in their lives. After receiving truth about an emotional wound, one young man said "that was so easy and awesome".
Eric Allen, Director, Mission Service and Ministries, Kentucky Baptist Convention

We began using Theophostic ministry several years ago. During that time the results we have seen have been nothing less than miraculous. Previously I would have had few answers for some of the people that have been ministered to with TPM. We have seen many people set free from many very long standing problems like suicide, fear of water, etc. The amazing thing is that Jesus does turn up and speak truth - truth that does set free. We have a number of people trained to use Theophostic and they all have their own stories. We are so grateful we bought the videos and took the training I don't know where we would be today without it. I would highly recommend Theophostic to anyone else actively involved in Christian ministry. It will add a new dimension to your ministry.
Pastor Bruce Mackay, Oamaru Baptist Church, Oamaru, New Zealand

I am convinced that answers to stubborn problems aren't found with more talking. These require listening to what the Spirit has to say. Theophostic ministry helps teach this neglected part of seeking after God. It is biblical, discerning and listening in prayer. Could it be this easy? After many hours (almost ten years of applying TPM) I'm convinced it is!
Dwaine Tilford, Pastor, Eastview Baptist Church, Franklin, Ohio

I began using Theophostic Prayer Ministry in January of 1999. I was convinced it was credible but had only partial success in the first few months. After being ministered to by a friend my life changed. I was no longer stuck in addictive behavior and now those whom I was praying with were receiving healing and experiencing Jesus. This ministry has helped people in my little community to be free to live and grow in Jesus. It has helped with anger, depression, addiction, dissociation, shame, hopelessness, and other issues as Jesus meets people in their pain and brings his truth and healing.
Pastor Dick Hostetler, Thriving Life Ministries

The fruit of Theophostic has been consistently awesome here at the Vineyard. We have been doing this for about 15 years. This past 3 years we implemented it into a discipleship module we call "Care Plan for the Soul" and intentionally, methodically cycled people through the hands on discipleship process. The fruit of men and women who have been healed and have since stepped up to be used of God in powerful ways, not only in Theophostics but in signs and wonders as a result of the freedom. Thank you for putting out the good stuff.
Pastor Tom,

I fully endorse the TPM methodology and teaching. I am a therapist and ordained pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. I learned of TPM a number of years ago and went through the Training in 1999. Since that time, I have had opportunity to pray with over 800 people using Theophostic. I have ministered with Youth With a Mission, the C. & M.A. and in Independent churches both Charismatic and non-charismatic. I have also trained about 20 of our church people, 6 other pastors and over a dozen people from other churches using the Basic Training Course. In that time, they have ministered to hundreds of people as well. My assessment is the TPM is biblical in basis and effective in results. I personally have seen a life transformation by ridding my life of lie-based thinking and hearing from the Lord about the Truth. I have seen God permanently heal over half my OCD group just a year after I learned this prayer ministry. I have seen God heal anorexia and bulimia, DID, severe depression, acute anxiety, agoraphobia, mild schizophrenia and even seizure disorder. This last one is even hard for me to believe. The presenting problem had nothing to do with the seizures, but when the lies of guilt and shame were gone, the seizures have never returned. I have ministered TPM to almost a dozen missionaries and all of them have seen a dramatic increase in the effectiveness of their ministry. One young missionary had gone through a brain injury in a car accident. She lost most of her memory of that season in her life. Though the Lord never restored any memories of that season, the pain of the accident and all the attendant emotions that were so easily stirred up from it have left completely. I could go on and on...but suffice to say that I believe this ministry would add innumerable ministry opportunities to any pastor's life.
Michael E. Phillips, Gateway Fellowship. Sacramento, CA

I have been using Theophostic Prayer Ministry since 1999, and it has become a major part of the healing journey for our congregation. New members are encouraged to attend a Basic Seminar, since it gives an understanding of one of the basic foundational teachings of our church and prepares them for the exciting journey, which the Lord has for them as a part of our church community. What never ceases to amaze me is the depth of love Jesus shows each person He ministers to, and the absolute SURPRISE each session contains, for both the person being ministered to and to me! When I sit and listen to their story, often complicated and interwoven with relationship issues, I am so very glad that I don't have to come up with all the answers, even though I sometimes think "I know where this will go.." But of course, I don't. Occasionally I am right, and the Lord responds in a way that has become familiar over time, but so often I am left astounded, grateful, amazed at His grace and wisdom, His capacity to speak right into that historical situation and break its power, bringing healing and a way forward for each one to whom He ministers. Even more astounding are the phone calls days later, which tell of dramatic change of attitude, behavior, reaction etc. I sit and think, "How did "that" bring about THAT?" But that, of course, is because the living Lord Jesus has given truth, grace and love. Whether it is a person who has carried a tiny secret, or a perception, which has influenced their whole life, or a person traumatized incredibly by the occult, Jesus ALWAYS brings just the very thing that person needs to be set free and to walk in that freedom. Little by little, or sometimes in great bounds, I have the privilege of seeing this transformation. I cannot say enough to express my gratitude for the process developed by Ed Smith, and the faithfulness of our Lord to those who will be still and wait for Him to convey truth and bring peace.
Pastor Bev Moyle, Vision Christian Fellowship, Canberra, Australia

I have been a pastor for 25 years but have quite limited experience with TPM. What little I have done has been helpful for the participants. I am writing to express my appreciation for the responsible way in which you folks are conducting this work. I have read lots of TPM material, some criticism, and a lengthy evaluation by Christian Research Institute (basically favorable). You demonstrate a high degree of responsibility, integrity, and thoughtfulness. Thank you.
Chris Edwards

The Theophostic Prayer Ministry style has helped people move speedily to deep and enduring freedom. I have been involved in a Cognitive Biblical Counseling Model ministry for over 40 years. I have always believed Jesus Christ is the only Savior/Healer who restores people to their original and intended purpose. He works through His Word (the Bible), empowered by Holy Spirit. Over the years I have seen many come to wholeness through embracing the Truth that sets them free but in many cases the process has been long and arduous. Currently the 'Theophostic' model (I am studying, learning and practicing) has increased the efficiency and thoroughness of impartation and embracing Truth. Clients are returning to report victory rather than reoccurring struggles. I have never experienced such consistent progress in people's lives"
Pastor Larry Gillis, Hawaii

I witnessed an absolutely life-changing and freeing thing happen to a young woman in Kenya. Last August some Kenyan fiends asked me to pray for this victim of sexual abuse while I was in the country. What I witnessed was incredible. We prayed and asked Jesus to take this woman back to her early memories of abuse. She began to cry but I had heard that the enemy could be commanded to stop tormenting the patient - which I did and the crying stopped. I asked Jesus to then "give her the gift" in her memory. The young woman started to cry out loudly "I see Him.. He's on the cross for me...He's loving me ...He was there for me.." This experience went on in her for many minutes. When I checked on her condition months later, those same Kenyan leaders report to me that her life is totally different and normal now.
Pastor Scott Walsh, Abundant Life Christian Center

The Theophostic Prayer Ministry has revitalized the Counseling Ministry of our church. The lay counselors and I have a much deeper sense of God's presence and his personal involvement in people's lives. Prayer for inner healing has definitely increased our faith that not only is God able to heal but he stands ready and is willing to heal. When lies stand in the way, only the Lord can identify them and replace them with the truth that will set a person free. It is so invigorating to see the transformation that takes place in the process. As an example, a professional addicted to prescription drugs received this ministry. He had tried all sorts of avenues to become free from the bondage of drug addiction. After one session of Theophostic Prayer Ministry, he was set free from the need to fill the void within through illicit drugs. As he reflected on that session, he commented, "This is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me!" He reiterated this in succeeding weeks as we verified what the Lord had done in him. So many times people are stuck at a certain juncture of their lives that keeps them from moving forward. Through prayer for inner healing, the Lord injects truth that sets them free to live healthy, productive, joyful lives. Thank you for listening to God and packaging resources that becomes tools for us to use in this vital life-giving ministry. God bless you!
Virg Ediger, Associate Pastor, Counseling Christ Community Church, Omaha, NE

I am the teaching pastor at Grace Community Church a non-denominational church in the San Antonio, Texas area. When I moved to San Antonio and Grace in the spring of 2002, it didn't take long to assess the deep spiritual needs in the congregation. This church was full of hurting people with deep spiritual and emotional problems. I recognized quickly that these people would need "powerful medicine" for their soul. I shared my thoughts with a friend who lived in another state. I told her of my concern for the congregation and my desire to bring deep and lasting healing and peace to them. She told me about Theophostic Prayer and sent me the introductory tape. I listened to the tape and decided to attend the first international convention in November of 2003. I was trained at the convention and came home to practice what I learned.The first person I ministered to was a lady who had had migraines for years. She had tried every possible medication with no relief. Her husband recommended she come to me as a last ditch effort. I had three prayer sessions with her and she was completely delivered from the migraines as she resolved deep spiritual and emotional issues in her life. She is now our Sunday School director of our church. She has a wonderful marriage and they have four children. Another woman had great difficulty in comprehending the Word of God. She loved the Lord and wanted to grow even more in her relationship but something was blocking her growth. After two sessions, deep issues in her life were resolved. This woman, who was afraid to open her mouth in a women's Bible study, now leads a women's prayer group! A young man had to be admitted to a state hospital on two occasions for complex personal and emotional issues. But one weekend my wife I had one hour of prayer for him and the deep problems and their root causes were revealed and dealt with. He was recently baptized and is growing in his faith. His family says that he is a different man today. These are three of many stories I could tell you of God ministering deeply in the hearts of his people. I have rejoiced and continue to rejoice at the mighty power of God to bring help and healing to His people. One final word, as the teaching pastor, I place a high value on the inspired, infallible word of God. My favorite style of preaching and teaching is to go through Scripture verse by verse and draw out the riches of what has been written for us. I believe the word of God is "living and powerful" as the writer of Hebrews says. And I will continue to preach and teach His word as long as He gives me the strength, and I rejoice as I see Him work mightily as His word is taught with clarity and conviction. But I say these things so that no one will think that I believe that God's word is not sufficient for every need that we have. I see no conflict between the teaching of His word and Theophostic Prayer Ministry – either in doctrine or in practice. I would be happy to discuss this with anyone who may have any questions along these lines. I can be reached at Grace Community Church.
Jonathan Williams, Grace Community Church, San Antonio. 210-659-8200

I have been using the "pure" Theophostic approach to ministry for 7 years. I have found a healthy Church is much stronger than just its size. The Lord has helped many people both members of our church and a lot more who either do not attend any church or attend a local church. It has been my practice to make the pastor aware of working with one of his sheep. I further invite them to a training session to help understand what Theophostic is all about. It seems that the Lord is drawing pastors to receive healing and mind renewal in the Washington, DC area. Thank you again Ed Smith for all that you went through to expose us to 'what the Lord can do'.
Rev. Ken Hornby, New Covenant Fellowship Church, Manassas, Va. 703-361-0890

Our church is currently using Theophostic Ministry as part of our Prayer Ministry that we are currently offering to our church. It is very biblically based and easily enables the client to focus and find the lies that are causing the problems and bring resolution to the issue. I have found it to be not only user friendly but also very safe for the facilitator to use.With Ed Smith's clarification on the position of the believer and our own choices in relation to our emotional pain it is refreshing to not have to battle with blocks and resistances that may have presented in past methodology. As such we are able to deal with seemingly more complex issues then in the past. The latest training has enabled us to bring healing in a more powerful and comprehensive degree than we have ever been able to previously. I have found it to be more than sufficient to bring healing to the majority of the presenting problems that I have encountered in a local church setting. Ed Smith's training is very thorough and well able to equip a church to be very competent and minister the healing/deliverance necessary in today's world.
Max Warren, Senior Elder, Gosford Christian Centre, 20 Narara Creek Road, Narara, NSW 2250 Australia

I have experienced these past 6 years how TPM rejuvenates churches, how it spiritually electrifies the worship; as the individuals' lives gets "back on track" with the Lord, it resounds in the church.
Pastor Johann Botha, New Life Christian Church Westonaria, Gauteng, South Africa Phone: +27 825673598

Words cannot express the impact of TPM in the life of our church. As the one responsible for leading the staff and directing the ministries of our church I can tell you with confidence that it is responsible for moving our church forward on a leadership level. It was clear in the early days of TPM in our church that if it was going to have an impact that it would need to begin with the primary leadership of the church. All six of our full time staff are regular beneficiaries of Jesus speaking truth into our lives. We are getting healthy in our personal lives that enables us to operate as a team with integrity. Our world is not searching for more information about Jesus. They are looking for real encounters in real time with Him. God bless you brother Ed, keep moving forward as Jesus leads.
Dennis Day, Executive Pastor, Oroville Nazarene Church

I have been using Theophostic Ministry techniques for the last three years and am so very grateful that I have a tool that works every time it is used. Many of my people have gained healing in areas that have never before been addressed. The healing is complete and life changing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us for the Glory of God. It is a relief to me to have a way of connecting people in need with Jesus, who can meet any need. It is so easy and effective. God Bless to you and your Ministry.
Erin Underwood, Pastor, Ruawai Community Church in Ruawai, Northland, New Zealand.

We purchased the materials, videos, Basic Seminar Manual, and the manual that goes with the video series. We had twelve of our leaders of the Care ministry go through the series. We are all completing the reading requirement of the TPM Basic Seminar Manual. I have personally used TPM in a pastoral ministry session on several occasions. In every case the individual has been set free from the problem they came in with. I am convinced that it is centered on the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and relies on Father God for results. I periodically check back with the individuals to inquire if any reoccurrences of the bondage they were in have returned; thus far the answers have been, "no, and I can't bring the pain up!" All of the glory goes to Jesus Christ!
Roy W. Libby, Pastor, Elim Gospel Church, Lima, NY. 585-624-5560 e-mail:

I have been using TPM for six years as a chaplain/counselor in a doctors office. I am now training others through our church. It has been a phenomenal ministry in my counseling practice and my pastoral ministry! So many people have been healed of past hurtful memories and are changed people never to need counseling again. (It has been real difficult to keep a client load as people get healed so quickly and stay healed. They don't have to keep coming back for more counseling). I have seen people set free from depression and more. Dramatic results! This week a client of mine got set free from anger and she is astounded that she feels so much peace and calm in her soul. I ran a class this last week and people were emotionally healed just watching the videos. One young man, after viewing the videos and then receiving TPM was healed of a very painful memory and received "Hope" and knew that Jesus speaks to him. Before the session he didn't believe that Jesus spoke to him and he didn't have hope. He said, "This is hysterical!" I am changed! I am different! This young man is a Lutheran associate pastor for college kids. He wants to bring TPM to college kids. He is so excited about the results. I highly recommend TPM. It has changed my life and many others. I believe it is preparing the bride of Christ to become pure and spotless for His return. People I have introduced TPM to have taken it to Guatemala and trained others there and I have the opportunity to take it to India in the future. God bless you Ed Smith! God is using the wisdom He has given you.
Pastor Dixie Nash, Living Hope Community Church of the Nazarene, Camano Island, Washington

We have been using the Theophostic Prayer Ministry for a couple of years now and are very pleased in the results. As a pastor I am very concerned with the different philosophies of approaching counseling and trying to keep Christ in the center of each situation. With the Theophostic Prayer Ministry we feel we are able to do that and Christ is exalted and able to do the work that is needed to be done the lives of the ones who are needing our help!
Pastor Kip Jackson, The Light of Lancaster A/G, Lancaster, WI 53813 608-723-2522

I pastor a home church called Safe Place Fellowship in Denver, Colorado. I have been using Theophostic Prayer Ministry in full time ministry for nearly four years. I have been totally blind since age eleven and have experience many hours of healing in my own life. My website has dozens of testimonies of personal healings and those with whom I have prayed. It is my prayer to see many other blind Christians involved with TPM.
Phil Scovell, Safe Place Fellowship, Denver, Colorado 303-507-5175 Email:

The Theophostic Prayer process has been truly a gift from our God in these last days before our Lord returns. Often, many times a week, I see mind renewal miracles in which the captives are being set free. As a missionary, evangelist, and chaplain of a local police dept, I can declare without reservation this ministry is used powerfully by the Lord on both hemispheres regardless of culture, denomination, religion or social standing. Jesus reveals Himself as the living and true Lord and Savior to all He died for through the world.
Missionary, Evangelist, Chaplain Bill Hoerr

I have been using Theophostic Prayer for three years. In that time I have seen some amazing breakthroughs in people's lives. It is a tool that the Lord has used on numerous occasions and I highly recommend this ministry to those willing to learn and use it the way it is taught in the Basic Training Seminar.
Pat McGlothlin, Community Christian Fellowship, Kingwood, Tx. 281-358-0160

It is amazing what the light of God is doing to bring people from lies and darkness. As a result the present is being redeemed. Here in Ghana,many of the cases that we pastors often handle are associated with superstition and witchcraft. But thanks to Theophostic ministry,darkness has givin way to the light. As a branch pastor, I helped a boy by praying and helping him to heal his past,and then helped him to change the way he thinks.The family members were shocked to see their son, after only two weeks, being his normal self. Thank God Theophostic has come to Ghana.
Pastor Daniel A. Tetteh, Power Vision Church Int. Accra-Ghana

"Theophostic counseling has not only changed my ministry and the way I do counseling as a pastor, but has truly changed my life... Every pastoral counselor needs this training without exception!"
Rev. Jeffery Eaton, Pastor, Hope Church, Lawrenceburg, KY.

I am a chaplain for Hospice. When many of my clients or their loved ones are very sick, they begin to feel the weight of their past decisions. Some feel guilt, helplessness, or fear. Because of Theophostics, they have been able to go back to the source and origin of their feelings. They have forgiven their family members. Jesus has come and healed them, enabling them to face intense transitions with peace. They become confident as they realize Jesus is there with them and that He cares enough to gently heal them.
Chaplin Virginia Norris

One night I approached a young college student named John and asked him what was wrong. He told me that he had felt rejected all of his life. He also felt like a freak and that everyone around him was looking at him or thinking things about him. The hour was late but the Lord impressed upon me to minister to John. I ask John if he was ready to do something about this rejection. He said "yes". I ask him what he was feeling and he said "rejection". I prayed for him and he fell right into a memory. He immediately stated that he was in a "loud place". He said that he was seeing himself as a 5-year old boy screaming very loud. He also saw his dad there with him in a military uniform. He saw his dad turn and walk out the door. That was all. I asked him what he was feeling. He stated that he felt like his dad was leaving and was not coming back. I then asked Jesus what he wanted John to know about all of this. John immediately stated "It's gone, it's gone. I'm free, I'm free"! I asked him what happened and John stated that he heard the voice of Jesus say "I am here. I will never leave you nor forsake you". All of this took place in 15 minutes! The once very reserved and very shy John is now an outgoing and excited young man for Jesus!
Mark Williams, President, Mission Fields International Raleigh, NC

I pastor a small church in Colorado. I have seen an abundance of miracles in my ministry because of what I have learned and have applied with Theophostic Prayer Ministry through the power of our wonderful Lord Jesus. Jesus has transformed my wife and me, our marriage, and our church. I have witnessed more miracles in the last two years than what I had hoped to see in a life time. I thank Ed Smith for putting up with the critics so people like me could have this simple but profound training. I will be forever grateful for the privilege of this experience.
Pastor Frank St Peter

I work in a Native Counseling Centre and pastor a small group in our church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I have found TPM to be very helpful in removing the painful experiences from memories of people with whom I offer ministry. People are amazed at how clearly God speaks to them while we are in the session. It is incredibly freeing as we work on each memory and God reveals truth to them.

One of my sessions was with a young woman who lives on the streets of Edmonton. She is saved but has had struggles with addictions, her church attendance, family separations from her children and so on. I asked her if she wanted prayer ministry and she agreed. At first she was a bit afraid and I simply asked her if she was willing. She agreed. During the session the smell memories of "freshly tanned leather" were so strong that she kept asking me if I could smell it too. This smell led her to a memory of sexual abuse when she was only four years old. From a young child growing up she has always hated people laughing at her and has always hated men with beards but she didn't know why this was so. The Lord graciously revealed to her that she was actually quite cute, lovable, and had a beautiful smile. She had never experienced that before. She began to giggle at this revelation and was quite amazed that she no longer felt unwanted or unlovable. She is walking in His peace.

Another session I had was with a lady that had a fear of heights. She had been teased about this fear by family and friends but could not overcome it. She would simply freeze up when she would be in a high place. She mentioned that she was quite young when a teacher took her class to a multi-storied building with a glass elevator and they were going to the top. Part of the way up she became afraid and asked the teacher to stop and let her off. The teacher did not do this and made her go all the way. This fear of heights has affected her since that time. While in this memory, we asked the Lord to reveal to her what she needed to know and he did. He showed her a picture of a high place and that how He wanted her to behold this beautiful scene from a higher vantage point. In the picture she felt Jesus close by and began to take in the breath taking scene. The fear left her. I asked her to try out her new freedom and see what happens. The fear was completely gone from all her fear of heights memories.
Rev. Jean Hill, Saskatoon, Can.

Soon after attending a TPM Seminar at Alathia in 1999, I left a full-time pastoral ministry to become a Prayer Missionary. The Lord's timing was perfect. My wife and I can't imagine where we would be spiritually, in our marriage, as parents to our young children, not to mention how we would have handled the news of my wife's breast cancer in 2000 without the influence of TPM. We at Cross Counsel make it our goal to protect the integrity and purity of the Theophostic process while providing the kinds of supplemental background that you recommend. It is also our goal to increase the accountability of lay ministers by introducing assessment tools and by building relationships that foster networking and mutual accountability. We believe that the Lord has blessed us because of this. We have found great favor at Madison City Church in Madison, WI. MCC is a non-affluent church of about 1,500 people who are, according to Senior Pastor Shane Holden, "a group of broken people on a journey together into wholeness."
Rev. Steve Freitag, CrossCounsel, Director, Middleton, WI (608) 821-1155

I was introduced to TPM by a dear friend and then I attended a recent training where I was impressed with Ed Smith's sincerity and humility as he encouraged people to stay within the parameters he has set forth. Even to say that anything else is not TPM. This was important because in the area I am from people have attached TPM to what they are doing when in reality, what they are doing is not TPM. For instance, I have listened to stories where people have prayed with an individual and told the individual, "God has told me you were abused as a child...". Dr. Smith was very clear that this is not TPM. As I understand TPM, I have found this is simply a Biblical Truth of the Priesthood of the Believer, which is available to everyone who calls on the name of Jesus. Someone trained in TPM is simply for lack of a better word, someone grounded in the Faith who comes along side a hurting person in an attempt to help them ask specific and intentional questions to get to God's Biblical Truth through the ministry of the Holy Spirit regarding their individual circumstance. Never in any of the training is someone instructed to act as a type of priest for a person. It is unfortunate that some have used the name TPM without following the truth that is taught, because this has led to undeserved attacks on Dr. Smith, a person who wants people to experience "abundant life" and the "peace" that comes through Jesus Christ. I recently used TPM. While praying with a woman, she remembered a time several years ago when one of her twin boys was still born. As she dealt with several lies surrounding this circumstance in her life, she was having trouble with not being able to see the baby and hold the baby. While prayingwith her and asking Jesus what He wanted her to know about that belief, I was convicted that the Lord wanted her to know that she would see the baby's face again. Even though it was a strong conviction I kept my mouth shut, because that is part of the training. I don't have to tell her, the Holy Spirit can tell her she doesn't need a human priest, when she has Jesus Christ as her personal "High Priest, Mediator, Intercessor". So, I asked her to ask Jesus what He wanted her to know about that... And she responded that "He is with me" is what the Lord wanted her to know, but the memory still was not peaceful and she still came back to not seeing the baby's face again... So I asked the Lord, "what do you want her to know about not seeing the baby's face?" She said, "He let me know that I'll see the baby again." Even though I believed very strongly that is what He wanted her to know. I kept my mouth shut and trusted the Lord to bring Truth and Peace to her, and He did.Unfortunately people get to thinking more highly of themselves than they ought and want others to think they have some special elite connection which leads to more pride and next thing you know there is a monster on the loose using TPM as their banner cry, when what they are doing is not TPM.
Rick D. Mann, Pastor, Fairview Baptist Church, 270-858-2470

We have embraced Theophostic Ministry. We have 8 people who are trained to minister and we keep them busy. It is also part of our internship program. It is the most effective means of releasing people from deep hurts that I have seen in my experience of approximately 20 years involved in inner healing. We have introduced it into Fiji. We intend to take it to Niue. We have run many seminars for churches in Auckland and are working with other Pastors and leaders.
Brian Munro, Senior Minister, New Life Church, West Auckland

I have been using Theophostic ministry for the last 3 1/2 years now and have found it to be a wonderful tool in our congregation. I have seen lives genuinely transformed and people released from lies that caused deep pain which had bound them all their lives. I have also found it to be a source of healing for myself and for the members of my family. It has made definite changes in the lives of some of my children. We now have a couple of people who are also trained to help others using theophostic and hope to see this ministry grow. Of course, over time I have found that there have been some who have been satisfied to find relief from their immediate pain but were not really willing to follow on and explore all the places that God wanted to take them. The greatest changes have occurred in those who have genuinely understood that this is a life-long process and will continue to pursue it on their own, because they are determined to continue the process of their own mind renewal. Those who are willing to follow this course often find themselves very different after a year or two and are very happy about the change. The greatest thing about this process for me is that it has given ministry back to the local church. In the past I would refer almost all counseling beyond straight "advice-giving" to a professional, but over the years it became clear that the people that most need the help can afford it the least. To send someone with a broken marriage and barely able to make ends meet, sending them to a Christian professional at $80 to $100 per hour is just not an option. At last we have been able to personally say, "Come, Jesus can help you with this and we can help you understand how!" It has been such a blessing to myself and to our elders to know that our body can minister to the hurting directly. Thanks for pioneering this wonderful tool of ministry which has drawn so many of us into a deeper walk with the Lord and a genuine freedom in Christ.
John Kless, Pastor

I regularly recommend to members of my parish that they receive TPM through Serenity Prayer Center here in Houston. I have followed up with most of those who have participated and received glowing reports of what God is doing in their lives. I have also personally received TPM on a number of occasions. I highly recommend TPM if the prayer facilitator is well trained and is diligent in using the system as designed.
Ken Burkhard, St. Philip Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas

It is with great pleasure and humility that I give testimony to what God has done through Theophostic Prayer Ministry. I have been ministering under this Biblical teaching for about four years. I have ministered one on one to over 1400 people since being introduced to this ministry. I have taught and shared it's principals at many churches. I was set free myself, of childhood unworthiness in memories I could not remember on my own, either because of not knowing where to look or spiritual interference prohibited me from getting there. When ministered to by a man of God, who understood and had been trained in Theophostic Prayer Ministry and inner healing, I experienced what is lacking in the church. A genuine encounter, with Christ, through the Holy Spirit! I felt HIM, I heard Him, and many can see HIM in their memories! The experience was so life changing; I had a "crack" addiction! God healed me and moved me into ministry. Wow what a change of life! My problem was not about drugs, it was about childhood unworthiness caused by being beat as child for many years by overseers who were supposed to be caring for me. I have seen all who seek God healed with very few exceptions. Those that did not receive were those that could not for various reasons. But they are less than 2%, the other 98% got healed and set free! PLEASE, allow your church to learn about this aspect of God's healing power. God is not limited to just Theophostic Prayer Ministry, however He sure has blessed it! To not have someone on your staff equipped is to loose out. Don't rob the sheep that God has given you to Pastor by not bring this, "spring of living water" to your flock.
Pastor John Munaretto Liberty Light House Church, Sherman, Tx. 214 543-2647

What follows is an extensive list of testimonies given specifically from pastors and other church leaders who are using Theophostic Prayer Ministry in their particular ministry setting. These testimonies are given by people who are personally using this form of ministry, therefore what they report is experientially based. There is a vast difference between a person's opinion on a matter and a person's personal testimony. Please note that Dr. Ed Smith does not personally know most of these people and therefore may not agree with all theological positions any one of them may hold. Theophostic Prayer Ministry has changed my personal life and ministry. I have received great insight and personal healing from the Lord through the use of TPM tools. I have also logged about 1500 hours of counseling appointments over the past 5 years using TPM and have had great success in connecting people with The Truth. I see TPM as a God inspired tool that is part of the process of sanctification and renewing the mind. I also think it is a great training tool in teaching people how to receive from the Lord in a general sense too! Thank you Ed Smith for helping me and so many others to serve the Lord with more productivity and efficiency.
Jeff Philips, Senior Pastor, The Oasis Family Church of Central Florida

We have seen tremendous results as people are set free from abuse, phobias, fears and other conditions that has held them captive for years. One lady gave testimony recently how God had set her free from 16 years of bondage. We have had a number of congregational members receive ministry with wonderful results, also we have done 2 training sessions for members to become familiar with the ministry. I can highly recommend this ministry, for pastors and church leaders considering using this ministry to benefit their church.
Pastor Tony Wedderburn, Senior Pastor, Victory Christian Centre, Rugeley, Staffordshire, U.K.

Theophostic Pray Ministry has been the answer to our prayers for effective ministry to the wounded in our church family. It aligns with our "Timothy" mandate for pastors to bring people to the truth and the truth will set them free. It is awesome how faithful Jesus is to minister one on one if only we will "arrange" the meeting. Lies are there to hinder healthy thinking. It is the lie based thinking that we as pastors are always trying to change. Truth as revealed only by Jesus brings light and real freedom enters in. I have been using these principles for two years along with strong biblical teaching, mentoring and discipleship. Everyone has lie based thinking only no one will challenge them to ask "where did that come from?". Trust that the Holy Spirit wants to bring truth and comfort to all of us. Be the person of faith - faith in Jesus to bring the truth.
Raymond H. Lockery, Sr., Pastor, Cornerstone Family Church, Stamford, CT Ph. 203-325-9257

pastor a small church that has been from the start four years ago mostly full have very hurt and broken people. We had done everything we knew how, and yes many of our folks had found restoration, healing, and hope and beauty again. But there were those who no matter what, seemed to continue to struggle or relapse quickly. Our housemate Brian Heflin was very depressed and seemed like he would never enjoy life again. His mother went through a few sessions and he was so taken by the results that he tried one session over the phone. My wife and I were completely amazed at how different he was. Seriously I thought there is no way he is faking. But has only continued to grow. My wife went through one session and it has restored her to her former compassionate self. I have gone through one session and I have been released from several habits and have found new freedom and joy. The women in our church have started a Theophostic training group and it has produced such stunning results. We use this were ever we go, and have been so blessed to see healings beyond our dreams. Well I could go on but I think this is enough for you to get the picture. Praise God for helping you to discover this!
Doug Sala, Pastor, Down Town Christian Fellowship

When my co-pastor (Chris) and I looked through out church phone list and found that over a one-third of our people were in need of immediate professional counseling that was beyond our abilities to cope with I knew we were in trouble. Chris and I had been meeting with a few of these people with little or no progress to speak of. I shared verses and exhorted them to read good, practical, books that had worked for me in the past. I helped them make sure they were having personal devotionals and that they were praying, fasting, and walking the Christian life. It was like shooting tennis balls at tanks. Nothing seemed to be working. Several people were contemplating leaving the church, divorce, or suicide. We were not reaching them and I felt completely powerless to help them. One day I cried out to the Lord and told Him I was totally clueless as how to help my flock. I asked Him to do something miraculous because that was what we needed. At the Pastor's conference in May of 2002 I sought out Rick Beemer, a Christian counselor and personal friend. I shared with him the things our church was going through. He told me about something called Theophostic (TPM) that he had just started using in his sessions and reported dramatic and permanent results. I was very skeptical but I trusted Rick. He told me about the concept of looking for the lies in a person's thinking that resonated from the past and how these lies could dominate the present. This made perfect sense and seemed to gel very well with what I had observed in the people I was working with. I discovered later that this is not a new concept as a great deal of cognitive therapy uses this idea as well (i.e. Rational Christian Thinking). The strikingly different approach was to ask Jesus to speak the corrective truth rather than the therapist or the person themselves. That was radical and challenged what I thought about how Jesus worked with people today.Chris and I talked and decided to order the (TPM) materials in June of 2002. That was when one of the people I was working with launched a campaign of accusations, lies, and horror at my church, my family, and me. As fast as I could I went through the tapes and book. The person claimed that they were in fear for their lives because of a rapist. It was quickly discerned that it was false. But she continued with the deception, trying to get closer to my family and myself. She was a time bomb waiting to go off.

My very first Theophostic session was with her and she was more than willing. In three hours this person was changed. In three more sessions she had admitted to lying and to several other deceptions as well. She was not totally healed yet but was well on her way. In the past she had been kicked out of at least two other churches. She has been with us as a helpful member of our church and is actually a servant of the church instead of a drain. Chris and I had sessions with other people in our church as well. Most people changed radically and went from being on the verge of divorce and suicide to a strong supporter of the church and the leadership. They are participating members of the church again. One person who has been through thousands of hours of cognitive therapy says that she is finally free of the things that had been plaguing her. She had been through 12 step programs, 45 step programs, mind-altering drugs, etc. Nothing had helped except this. As of today that has not changed.
Since that time we have moved into a new building and begun ministry in a new town that has many needs. We could not have done this as a church without the life transforming truth of Jesus Christ. TPM has helped restore our church so that instead of being wounded on the sidelines we are part of the game ministering to those who need to hear about the salvation of Jesus Christ. We are on the offensive and the people who were debilitated are now marching for His mighty army.
We continue to use TPM and are one of the primary advocates for it within our association of churches. I am not sure what the Lord has planned next but I am certain that He allowed the trials of the past several years to help us get desperate enough to show us how weak we were, how much He can do, and what He will do with us.
Greg Standinger, Glen Arbor Community Church, West Chicago, IL

I have been ministering TPM for over two year now. I must tell you that as a few of us went through the training session, I was the biggest skeptic. I thought "this is too easy", "it doesn't seem real". I would ask questions of the facilitator in an unbelieving and challenging manner. Everyone in the class knew I was a skeptic. But then something happened. A friend of mine who works on the church staff with me was experiencing deep, debilitating depression. Because I felt such compassion for him, I said to him "I think I have something that may help you." Only being half way through the class I followed the instructions to the "T" as to what I had learned. God hit that man like a ton of bricks! He was completely delivered! I remember him saying the next day "I tried to get depressed and I could not!" Glory to God! Every since then I have been ministering TPM with DRAMATIC results. And, now head the TPM ministry at our church. People joke about my Pauline like conversion.
J Gerald Whitaker, Pastoral Care, Christ Church, Montclair, NJ

We had tried to help hurting people for many years but closed our hearts in 1989 after feeling burnt out and exhausted. We made the decision that we were not going to get too close to people's inner issues and problems even though we were in a ministry position at the time. About five years ago a friend asked us to listen to the Basic Training audiotapes while we were on holidays. We listened intently to what Ed Smith was sharing and hope started to rise in ourselves. We always wanted to help people but found getting close caused us to "carry" others. Of course, later we needed to let the Lord bring truth to the lies we ourselves were carrying. We use this ministry on ourselves and the result is that we have much more harmony in our own marriage and ministry. Ed Smith came to Canberra with the Basic Training Seminar a few years ago. We look on that week as the turning point of our lives. Since then we have seen many gain freedom from lies that have bound them up. We believe Theophostic Prayer Ministry is one of the most effective "tools" that God has given us in our itinerant ministry in Outback Australia. Just this week we saw the Lord release a lady in her 50's from the effects of a lie that she believed she had received when she was a small baby. She described herself as feeling abandoned, emotionless and in a very dark place. She started laughing with joy when the Lord Jesus brought truth to her.
Pastors John and Lynda Worrell, Care Outreach Australia, Mobile 0428 82 0012

I am a United Methodist Pastor and am slowly introducing theophostic prayer into the life of the congregation. I recently had the opportunity to use theophostic prayer on my own father. My father was dying of cancer and one Sunday as I was driving home from church I received a frantic telephone call from my mother. She said I had to do something because my dad was very nervous and moving constantly and was worried that he was not going to go to heaven. I asked if it would be okay for me to call them once I got home. My mother was so upset; she didn't want to hang up the phone. I pulled off the road and prayed for the Lord to lead me and guide me as I ministered to my own father. They put me on the speakerphone so I could pray for him. They did not understand about theophostic prayer so I explained and asked permission to pray in this manner. I was able to get his attention and asked him to close his eyes. I began leading him through the prayer and waited as Jesus spoke truth to him. I could tell he was calmer so I asked my mother what was going on. She said he had stopped moving around so much and was actually sweating. He was set free of his burden and the lies that he had believed. I drove to their house Monday morning and my father thanked me for praying with him. I asked him how he felt and he said he is sure he is going to heaven. My father passed on the next Sunday afternoon. This was such a revelation to me of the importance of helping someone who is not only alive and well but think about the many people who are on their death beds still believing lies of the world. It would be wonderful if hospice volunteers would be trained in this type of prayer. I have had many opportunities to minister to people in hospice as well as ones dying at home or the hospital and had never prayed Theophostic prayer with them. I will consider this in the future.
Mariann Wallace, Paul Horton United Methodist Church

One day after I came home from the office, my wife reported she had such a terrible migraine that she could not even move her eyes without even greater pain. We used TPM and ended up in a memory where her father had taken her outside, yelled at her, and accused her dog of killing the family chickens. At that point, he shot and killed her dog in front of her. To bring peace, the Lord said, "There was nothing you could have done. It's not your fault. No guilt. No shame." Within 2-3 minutes, she was completely free of that migraine. In this case, her physical pain was directly related to lie-based thinking. That Master's healing touch brought wonderful peace and calm. I could write pages and pages, yet we've only been using TPM for 18 months. Here are some other results in members in my church:

1) Rashes, panic attacks, etc. disappearing after the Lord spoke truth to lie-based fears
2) Several men have stopped using pornography.
3) One man had been literally fighting with his wife. At one point, she thought a nerve in her hand was severed. After TPM, the lie-based anger was dealt with. They haven't had a (negative) physical encounter in 18 months.
4) One man (he's now over 40 years old) was fearful of flying in an airplane. When he was 8, he thought he was going to drown in the ocean. The Lord spoke truth, and now he is no longer afraid of flying.
5) I have discovered that many of the members of my church have been hurt deeply and carry unresolved trauma. The Lord is bringing tremendous peace and calm to those members who are willing to receive TPM
6) High glucose levels in some diabetics have been reported to lower as folks continue to use TPM.
7) High blood pressure has been reported to lower for after months of dealing with memory after memory using TPM.

Sometimes I think I cry just as much as the person receiving TPM. I'm so thankful that the Lord is ministering to His people. God is so good. I love Him so much.
Rev. Steve McCann, Senior Pastor, Heartland Family Worship Center, Charleston, IL 217-348-5683

Theophostic has radically impacted my life and healing journey. It has significantly enhanced my very existence, my ministry, my counselling and my training. I am a Pastor working as a 'Family Therapist' out of our church in a small country town in Victoria Australia. As part of my 'Counselling' study I have been trained to work with many 'Therapeutic Tools', compatible with Biblical and Spiritual truth.
My introduction to Theophostic began with a personal healing experience, which became a catalyst and powerful influence in my Pastoral and Professional ministry. Moreover it has transformed my own personal healing journey. My testimony in itself is one of outstanding healing from the trauma of 'pathological grief', which had become complicated by denial, guilt, anger, and the 'mask of togetherness' leaving my emotions in a state of complete 'lock down'.I was devastated, confused and broken by the birth of my third intellectually disabled son. I truly saw no hope of relief from the emotional agony in my soul. I struggled even to grasp the concept of survival. Still I proceeded to grit my teeth with a grim determination, climbing the 'sand hills' of life with the 'sandbag' of pain on my back. I knew that there was no other way to live but in the house of the Lord, so I pulled together all my theology, set my face like flint and declared, 'yet will I serve the Lord'.
Since then my testimony of healing has facilitated the permanent, deep, inner-healing miracles for many. What an incredible privilege it is to witness such an exchange in the lives of so many people who have come to me seeking help and hope. I have 'tested and tried' the 'Theophostic Healing Ministry' in it's effectiveness, with experience and with God's word. I have discovered that the process embraces, supports and assists in the application of many of our 'bread and butter' Biblical disciplines. Additionally it delivers the central Christian message of 'Work of the Cross' into the hands of believers. It is true to say that the Theophostic Ministry's 'primary' function is to lead people to the 'Truth' through Jesus. Facilitating the healing of painful beliefs stored in the container of memories and childhood experiences.

I believe it to be equally true that many of the Theophostic Ministry's 'by products' or seemingly 'secondary functions' are in themselves deeply profound and worthy to be considered a 'Primary' function to living an abundant 'Christian Life'.
First, I have observed and can personally testify to, is the deep spiritual 'intimacy' with Jesus that grows and is made possible by the Theophostic Ministry process. As the person receiving the ministry, experientially encounters Jesus and His unconditional love and tenderness towards them, they often find themselves reciprocating with an overwhelming love response. It engenders an unquenchable yearning in the spirit and soul that lures a person into an irrepressibly intense and rich relationship with the Holy Spirit. Hence their relationship with God the Father and Jesus is enriched and deepened, this in turn generates the 'hunger and thirst' to know Him more.
Secondly, is a more 'integrated faith' A place where Theology meets experience. Often we Christians, live our Christian walk from a head perspective. We know the spiritual disciplines, the legal spiritual ground that Christ paid for on the Cross-, so we put on and build up, we name it and claim it, we stand firm and rebuke without ever emptying out. Without coming as little children before the Father to be equipped for our lives from His hand, his will for us personally. We stiffen our resolve to press on without ever being honest with God about our pain and disappointments. We live a dissociated spiritual life where our theology has no place in our experience. Theophostic Healing Ministry provides a place where we can experience the Father and hear from His own mouth, the Truth that we read in scripture. The work of the cross becomes a reality, and the power-fullness of Jesus becomes more than head knowledge, as people discover that Jesus cares about their sorrows and sufferings, that He was there and that He did not and never will abandon them in their pain. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. This is TPM and the opportunity it provides.

If I had the time and space, I could go on to write a book on my experience with the Theophostic Healing Ministry both personally and as a Pastor/ Counselor facilitating the process. However I will be content with stating my third observation on the overflowing benefit's of this God given provision.
Often people in 'pain' come into me, with a acutely damaged 'sense of self. Their CORE belief system is filled with their failures and shortcomings, their inferiorities and rejections, their accumulated bitterness's and often their sense of 'self value' is less than nothing. I understand that people can improve and learn skills to adopt new ways of managing their lives, so that they can be successful, so that they can survive, however the miracle of penetrating healing into the deep core of 'self belief 'remains unattainable and the path to healing alludes them. Ownership and delivery of this miracle belongs solely to Jesus. The Father God is the designer of all humanity and only He can restore a person to their original 'hand crafted' design.

One of the most emotionally moving and gratifying facets of being a 'Theophostic Healing Ministry' facilitator is this. I witness the transformation of a person who has a severely damaged 'sense of self'. Their previously unshakable centre 'core belief' system gently but radically changes from destructive 'self-image'. It becomes one of being filled with an innate sense of self-love based on the Father God's demonstrated love for them. After several healing sessions with one lady addressing various painful belief issues, she managed to confess between gritted teeth, that she believed what was to blame for the reason her life had taken the painful direction she found herself in that day. For a lifetime, she had held herself to be desperately ugly and detestable. (in reality this was far from the truth, however I knew this was not something I should comment on, as I had no doubt that my words would only fall like water off a ducks back and cause her to withdraw due to shame.) At the end of the Theophostic session she whispered 'Jesus said I am beautiful', with tears running down her face she opened her eyes which were sparkling with a healthy sense of being 'beautiful', being loved and being lovable. The transformation I witnessed in that moment were breathtaking, but paled spectacularly compared to the life altering metamorphous birthed in the heart, mind and spirit of such a bruised and broken soul. That lady went on from that place to continue working with Jesus on her 'sense of self' and now emanates a glow of confidence, that shines from an internal sense of knowing she is 'beloved'. I marvel at the miracle of transformation in the inner core of self-belief, it brings tears to my eyes as I am left in awe of a mighty and powerful God who came to earth to walk amongst mankind, all so He could demonstrate His passionate love to us. I feel such a sense of a standing on 'Holy Ground' when witnessing the 'life changing' experiences between 'The Father God' and His child, in a 'Theophostic Ministry' session and am most often overwhelmed with gratitude for His provision of this precious gift of experiential and emotional healing' for the broken hearted.
Rebekah Milne, Pastor, Australia

I am an Associate Pastor in a Presbyterian Church, and also a licensed Marriage & Family therapist. I have been using Theophostic Ministry both in my counseling Ministry and as a Pastor for over five years. In the past couple of years I have been training a group of people in my church to begin a prayer ministry using the Theophostic Principles. God has been wonderfully faithful to come and free people from their lie-based emotional wounds, whether they are seeking counseling for deep wounds, or relationships challenges. In the ministry setting, I have seen many people freed from lies that kept them from being involved in effective ministry. While Theophostic Ministry is not the only way God heals, it is certainly an effective one. Even when we don't think we are wounded, we all have lies that keep us from fully living for Christ. I wish there was a way to convince every member of our our congregation to receive Theophostic prayer Ministry. It helps people to be in a better position to grow in Christ, and serve others in the way God intended. I believe Theophostic Ministry is an invaluable tool to help equip the body of Christ to minister the emotional healing God desires for the church.
Rev. Cindy Carter, Shadle Park Presbyterian Church

Spokane, WashingtonTPM has given vitality to our lay counseling ministry. It's an awesome thing to sense the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ in a prayer session with a hurting person. What a privilege to participate with the Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit as he identifies lies and replaces them with the liberating truth. It certainly has increased my/our faith in him. To see the lasting freedom that his truth brings is exhilarating. Whether its a person in premarital preparation, addictions counseling, feelings of abandonment, hurt, fear, anger, it is a lie that causes bondage and experiential truth that sets him or her free. We have a deep sense of gratitude to the Lord Jesus for being such a personal God.
Pastor Virg Ediger, Christ Community Church, Omaha, NE 68154

We would recommend TPM to all pastors who pastor those who are in need of freedom. We have trained 24 people in our church to do Theophostic Prayer Ministry. It is the only prayer ministry in our church and in a few months we will be hosting a night a week where those in our community might need prayer or ministry can come. The result has been much freedom! This is essential for those who have had struggles for so many years with the same things. We believe that this ministry is more effective and also less time consuming.
Pastor's Jim & Michelle Krubeck, More Abundant Life Church, Cody, Wyoming

I pastored 4 congregations since 1976 till 2004. In 1992 I also qualified as a registered counseling psychologist. At the end of 2004 I went full time into my private practice and now dedicate most of my time to TPM. I am currently the chairman of an organization called: Family Transformation Facilitators. Since early childhood I experienced certain problems, which became more prominent as life progressed, because of low self-esteem, depression and other symptoms that I developed. Long before I got started in psychotherapy, I was actively involved in ministry. Being a minister I had to counsel different people with different types of problems. I soon discovered my lack of appropriate knowledge to help them and of course myself, that's when I decided to first go and seek psychotherapy, in order to find answers and solutions to my own problems. My first encounter with therapy was a combination of cognitive therapy and pharmaco-therapy. This helped me to straighten out my thinking. This process interested me so much, that I decided to equip myself better academically and soon afterwards enrolled in a course in Psychology, which ended up allowing me to receive my Honours degree in Psychology. This now gave me a broad perspective on different therapeutic orientations. Out of my first experience I was enchanted by "Transactional Analysis" and incorporated it in the counselling I did in my ministry. I experienced a lot of success with this. In my search for functional competence, I enrolled for a master's course in Pastoral Therapy at the Faculty of Theology, University of the Free State (UFS). In this course I was introduced to systems theory and trained in the strategic and structural approaches within the eco-systemic epistemology. I thoroughly enjoyed the implementation of this therapy, but had the reverse experience on the receiving end. I experienced it as both blaming and judgmental approaches. Next I was really fortunate to be selected for the M.A. in Counselling Psychology at the Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit (RAU). In this training my perspective on the different therapeutic orientations were broadened. During this course I was also introduced to hypnotherapy. I thought that perhaps hypnotherapy is the answer for my own problems. I experienced hypnotherapy from different approaches within the hypnotherapy domain. Although I gained some healing, especially on my physical side (headaches etc.), which allowed me to cope a little bit better, my basic problem still persisted. After a year or two in private practice as psychologist, I enrolled for the course in narrative therapy. This approach helped me to externalise my problem and it gave me control that I did not previously have. During 2004 I was introduced to Theophostic Prayer Ministry. This ministry approach fascinated me enormously; it entails inviting Jesus Christ as active partner in the therapeutic process. It was a life-changing experience for me to have been invited to this type of ministry. All my life I struggled with lie-based thinking, that let me believe that I am worthless…After TPM I experienced maintenance-free victory in this area of my life, meaning that those negative thoughts disappeared. This process helped me to experience the involvement of the Trinity Godhead in my personal life, in a way that I never experienced before. This healing experience motivated me to go on a personal research journey where I could explore the practices of this type of ministry and test it's healing possibilities.
Kobus Crous, Family Transformation Facilitators, South Africa

I have been using and training TPM for about 5 years now. We are a small church of about 40 people but have at least 2000 hrs. of logged ministry time to over 100 people. I have also trained other ministries and have sent others out to train in the basic training to about 10 different cities. About two thirds of my church body has received this ministry with 98% positive results. the other 2% I feel were not ready or very repressed. Most of the ministry is on a basic level of ministry. We have had phobia's, depression, suicidal thoughts, grief, anxiety and much more all healed by the Lords truth in people we have ministered to. One gal, in her mid 30's said she had never slept through the night since childhood and had a hard time going to sleep, after one prayer time she now falls to sleep and sleeps all night without a problem. PTL!! This is truly a life changing ministry. As long as we keep up on our own 'triggers' we stay confident and strong to continue.
Pastor Kristeen Bandelin Th.D., Shiloh Christian Ministries, Ca.

For several years now, our pastoral counseling ministry has utilized TPM as one of the vital tools the Lord uses to facilitate His healing purposes. It is a constant source of joy for me to witness and experience the power of God's love and healing embrace as He frees the captive from emotional and spiritual bondage. No longer do I spend countless hours trying to help people get better using my own wisdom and experience as the guide. No longer do I wrestle with frustration over the lack of fruit being realized in the counseling office. No longer do I wonder if the healing power of the Cross is evidenced only during rare visitations of the Holy Spirit. Now, through TPM, I see people being transformed by God and it shows! And it's real. And it lasts. I see ordinary laymen and women help facilitate the Lord's supernatural healing on a routine basis. Yes, the tomb of Jesus Christ is empty, and thanks to TPM, our pastoral counseling ministry experientially knows the healing power of God and that this is the normal Christian life!
Kip Wahlquist, Pastor, Care and Connecting Ministries, Grace Church, Eden Prairie, MN 952-224-3023

My experience with Theophostic Prayer Ministry started off as a personal one. I went to a friend for some counseling over some issues. He ran me through the Theophostic procedure and proceeded to allow the Holy Spirit to lead me into areas in my life that the Lord brought light and truth. I felt so fantastic afterwards, but was skeptical as to how long I would feel this way and how long the sense of healing would last. Months went by and I was still free. I have introduced TPM to the church and had invited other churches from around the island to participate. It is a great tool to place in the hands of people, without loads of experience to help out in so many healing needs in the church as I just don't have enough hours to do it myself. There has been a growing interest from more people from other churches to get trained. I would probably like to see a training seminar held on this side of the world. We have only utilized the training videos, manuals and personal ministry to glean our experience from.
Greg Riddle, Pastor New Life International Church, Strovolos, Nicosia 2048, Cyprus

I am a pastor of a small inner city church in Los Angeles call Bread of Life Foursquare Gospel Church. I have been teaching Theophostic Ministry at the church from the pulpit, (not every sermon, but it does dovetail into many messages) and ministering the process to members of my church and others since I recently learned of it. I emphasize that my exposure to Theophostic is very recent, basically since about December 2005. I have gotten so much freedom myself by listening to the teaching tapes, reading the manual a couple of times and doing it on myself, that I am sharing it with whomever is open to the good news. By way of background, I am an ordained foursquare pastor, and have been in what I would call the deliverance and inner healing ministry for over 25 years. While this has yielded some results in my own life and the lives of others, Theophostic Prayer Ministry has been like a heat seeking missile. It has also been a revelation to deal with the demonic in such an easy and less stressful manner. It is not easy to minister some things in an inner city church because you are dealing with literacy issues, deep brokenness, mental illness and other severe traumas. However, when I have ministered to receptive people, even over the phone (not recommended by TPM), there have been tremendous results. I would rate TPM a "10".
Pastor Nancy Eskijian, Bread of Life Foursquare Gospel Church, Los Angeles, CA 90016

I've used the Theophostic Prayer Ministry in my church for five years. It's been used many times to bring true freedom to many captives. I've trained seven people to be involved in this ministry and each has been able to assimilate it and use it to help people to victory. It's the single best tool I've used in my personal counseling ministry. It's also been used by the Lord to bring me to more freedom from the negative emotions often associated with pastoral leadership ministry.
Pastor Jake Huffman

After completing the basic training about nine months ago, I contacted a counselor to receive Theophostic prayer ministry for myself, and have experienced dramatic healing and permanent peace. I have also been using it on a limited basis in conjunction with my own counseling ministry, and have also seen dramatic, life-changing ministry in three out of the four people I have had the opportunity to pray with since I began.
Pastor Jim Lennon, West Suburban Community Church, Elmhurst, IL

God is mighty in this ministry. We have implemented this ministry in our church and we have seen many people healed. The thing that I see people "get", is the fact that God is funny....which they did not know before, and the presence of God's perfect peace . We thank you for the ministry and the fruit it bears.
Gina Roberts, Vineyard Community Church, Wilmington, NC 28412

I have been using Theophostic in my ministry for nearly four years with some very dramatic results, including deliverance from anxiety attacks, bulemia and other difficult issues. I use it fairly frequently, and just praise the Lord for the way it has become a wonderful tool for emotional healing and deliverance.
Robert McMurdock, Pastor, Heartland Community Church, LaPorte City, Iowa 319-342-3251

We have been using Theophostic Prayer Ministry in our church for the past two years and have seen some marvelous results as the Lord has brought healing and freedom to people who have had life long bondage and pain. I am thankful for a tool that takes people beyond tolerable recovery!
Chuck Farina, New Hope Church

I am a Women's Pastor in our church. I also head up the Theophostic Ministry in our church. Theophostic is a powerful avenue used here in our church that has worked miracles in the lives of the people we have ministered to. I am completely convinced God is in this great ministry and would recommend it to all ministries.
Lily King

I have heard several times, directly and from hearsay, that Theophostic Prayer Ministry is not sound, biblical or some other such accusation. We at Whitefish Foursquare Church will (not knowingly) have anything to do with any ministry that isn't sourced in sound theology or biblically based in its approach. We have used TPM for almost 5 years and found this approach, to even protracted and deep-seated personal issues, works. It has brought great release, blessing and freedom to men and women, boys and girls in my church family and community. God uses us, using this approach.
Pastor Paul Ogle, Whitefish Montana.

From the first Theophostic encounter (10 years ago) to the present I have found:
1. People don't believe TPM is valid or works unless they experience it themselves. You can tell when you read someone's critique if they have had the experience or if they are just telling what they think.
2. Ministry is between God and the person receiving ministry; the prayer minister is simply a facilitator of the work of the Holy Spirit not the one with all of the solutions or the director of their healing or behavior.
3. Theophostic is a tool in the tool belt as Dr. Ed Smith says and certainly effective and lasting when Holy Spirit directed in the whole healing process.
Rev. Rose Boon, Director of Sheep Shed Mentoring Ministry. A ministry of the Redeemer Family of Churches and ministries based at Christ the Redeemer Church, Ponte Vedra, Florida.

Other Testimonies

Judith MacNutt's Perspective of Theophostic Prayer

Judeth McNutt is the wife of and co-minister with noted author Francis McNutt. The McNutts have a healing ministry that has impacted the thousands around the world. What follows is an excerpt from an interview taken by David Kyle Foster of Mastering Life Ministries.

The Interview...

David: Theophostic ministry has arisen over the last decade and a lot of people are very excited about it, thousands of people have taken the training and become practitioners -- Tell me, Judith, what is your knowledge of Theophostic ministry? And the people that you've met, what have they been saying about it?

Judith: As we travel around the world giving conferences, we have run into many people who have been really blessed by Theophostic. Some of our prayer ministers here at Christian Healing Ministries have been through the Theophostic training and they incorporate it as part of their healing prayer here. I've watched the videos and I've read the books, and just as God raises up different ministries from time to time in different eras with different labels, I do believe it's a wonderful ministry of God. I've seen tremendous fruit in peoples lives. I know several therapists who have incorporated it into their practice, and they are seeing healings that they never had before. So I have seen a great excitement across the country as people use the Theophostic techniques.

After studying it, I gave a teaching on it to our prayer ministers here at Christian Healing Ministries. I had several different impressions of it. The man who developed it, Ed Smith, seems to be a wonderful man of God with a great heart for people, and my experience of listening to his testimony was that he was a counselor and he didn't see people being made whole or set free, and that God gave him this [edited note: Not as in revelation but as in insight into a system of minstry], and then he saw tremendous healings afterwards. So that's the background of it - it just came out of desperation - a counselor wanting to help his clients...

For the full interview go to:

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Christian Research Institute Evaluates TPM

Christian Research Institute (CRI) contacted this ministry with the desire to take an in-depth look at what is taught in the core teaching of Theophostic Prayer Ministry. Elliot Miller, the chief editor for the CRI Journal did the investigative research. He committed hundreds of hours in dialogue with Ed Smith the founder of TPM. He also carefully read through the revised 2005 edition of the Basic Training Seminar Manual clarifying with Ed Smith any troublesome issue that he found. In addition to all of the above he invested three days in observing Ed Smith do actual ministry with people so that he could witness the process first hand.

Though Mr. Miller and Dr. Smith do not agree theologically on all points (as is typical for the Body of Christ in general), the discussion was a warm and healthy exchange that resulted in Mr. Miller being able to give a more knowledgeable report on what this ministry teaches. We at TPM appreciate his spirit and willingness to do this. Also at our request, Mr. Miller provided critique and made many suggestions concerning the 2005 revised edition of the Basic Seminar Manual. We are pleased to point you in the direction of his evaluation. Even though it is not "glowing" in all respects it does give a fair appraisal of where we are at this time in development. It is important to note that in the theological areas where Mr. Miller and Ed Smith did not fully agree, none where of major significance and were reflective of the typical and expected differences found in the Body of Christ. None of the differences were related to the core teaching of Theophostic Prayer Ministry.

Synopsis of CRI Evaluation
"After an exhaustive evaluation, CRI detects nothing unbiblical about the core theory and practice of Theophostic Prayer Ministry (TPM). The theory is elegant in its profound simplicity, and the anecdotal reports of its effectiveness in practice justify further investigation; nonetheless, much more scientific research needs to be done before even the more modest claims of TPM can be validated, and some of the extravagant claims seem unlikely ever to be established..."

"...CRI finds nothing inconsistent with Scripture in TPM's core theory and practice. It certainly fits the biblical worldview to hold that believing lies oppresses or injures people and replacing those lies with truth frees or heals them. The theory that the emotional pain that haunts so many people's lives (including Christians) is rooted in false beliefs associated with past experiences rather than the experiences themselves seems elegant in its profound simplicity, and the proposal that Satan is often the source of those lies while Jesus supplies the truth that dispels them is again consistent with Scripture (e.g., John 8:44; 14:6; 18:37). This emphasis on conforming one's beliefs to truth is entirely biblical (Ps. 43:3; 51:6; Prov. 23:23; 1 Cor. 13:6; Eph. 4:14–15, 25; 5: 8; 6:1411), and the complete dependence on Christ in ministry to the hurting that TPM advocates, to the point of giving Him the central place in that ministry, is commendable at least in concept and warrants consideration..."

"...CRI is also intrigued by the numerous public testimonies of practitioners and recipients for TPM's lasting efficacy in dealing with a wide variety of emotional and behavioral problems, including depression, general anxiety, anger issues, phobias, panic attacks, sexual addiction, and eating disorders. The frequency of such testimonies calls for further investigation, but anecdotal evidence is entirely insufficient to establish TPM's claims. To demonstrate that TPM gets results superior to all or most other varieties of inner healing/therapy and is not simply reaping the common benefits of counseling (e.g., the placebo effect and the therapeutic value of catharsis in a caring environment), rigorous scientific testing is needed. Researchers have already conducted some surveys and case study research that provide favorable results for TPM, but much more extensive and rigorous testing (e.g., randomized control group studies) will be required to establish its claims. CRI thus finds no problem with Christians engaging in TPM per se, but at this early stage of the research we are unable to endorse TPM's specific claims of efficacy..."

"...CRI does have several peripheral concerns about TPM, but we have been favorably impressed by founder Ed Smith's openness to constructive criticism and change. We caution Christians who practice or receive TPM to be discerning about Smith's past teachings on the sin nature, sanctification, and satanic ritual abuse, and to be aware that, despite major improvements, there are still aspects of Smith's teaching on spiritual warfare that CRI does not endorse..."

NOTE: As you read Mr. Millers papers he sometimes presents his theological views and perspectives in a way that may seem to be corrective of Ed Smith's personal views. Please know that Ed Smith agrees with what Mr. Miller expounds upon in the areas of sanctification, salvation, Christian growth and discipleship and most of the demonization, even if it appears otherwise. Please read Dr. Ed Smith's' Statement of Faith for a concise overview of his personal basic Biblical beliefs. What you will discover is he holds a very traditional Protestant conservative theological position that is embraced by the majority of believers around the world.

Ed Smith and Mr. Miller are in continual dialogue to this day. What both learned from this experience is just how difficult it is to clearly understand another person's position unless you are willing to slow the discussion down, ask a host of clarifying questions and remain open and willing to listen. We hope that more people would be willing to take this road to unity. Before reading Mr. Millers article you are encouraged to read through Ed Smith's
personal statement of faith and the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website.
These two areas will give you a better grid for what you read.

Listen to the founder's personal testimony by clicking the link below.
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