Inroduction to New Website

WELCOME to the New IATM!

When you join the International Association for Theophostic Ministry (IATM), you will become a part of a growing number of people who are using TPM in over 140 countries around the world.  You will also have access to the "members only" website which provides a host of great benefits.  Read about some of these benefits below!!


It is designed for all who want to grow and communicate with others practicing Theophostic prayer.

- Networking and Building the TPM Community: The IATM Members Only website allows members to connect, refer, build relationships, encourage, and support each other.

-Personal Profile Pages: Each member has his or her own personal profile page where they can post information about their ministry, post ongoing blogs, chat with other members, share ideas, ask questions, etc.

-Continuing Education in TPM: Dr. Ed Smith is continually building a "Continuing Education" section of the website which is filled with training text files, audio MP3 downloads, video sessions, seminars and more.

-LIVE Video Broadcast: Dr. Ed Smith also broadcasts live video allowing IATM members to ask questions and discuss issues in real time via the internet.

And Much More... 


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