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Can I Meet with Dr. Smith?

Can a person make a ministry session appointment with Ed Smith?

Because Ed Smith is currently committed to training others and developing the Theophostic training materials, he is not offering personal ministry now nor in the near future. He also does not make any recommendations or referrals for others offering ministry. No person offering ministry is presently doing ministry under Ed Smith's leadership, oversight or in relation or connection with him. Since every person who completes the Basic and/or Advanced Material receives only a certificate of completion, any person who claims to be related to, endorsed by, recommended by or affiliated with Dr. Ed M. Smith and/or New Creation Publishing is doing so without his knowledge.
If you are seeking personal ministry please follow the suggestions in the Personal Ministry section of this website.  Do not assume that a person is following the guidelines set forth by this website simply because they say they are doing Theophostic Prayer.  Arm yourself with the knowledge to know what is and what is not Theophostic Prayer.  Begin by reading the Ministry Session Guidelines and the book Healing Life's Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer.




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