Links to Other Ministries Who Are Using Theophostic Prayer Ministry


Please be cautious in your search for someone with who you can receive ministry. First follow the guidelines on the page "Seeking Personal Ministry."

Below is a limited listing of links to churches and other ministries who say they are using TPM. These sites are provided to expedite your search for persons and organizations who "say" they are using this approach to ministry in diverse settings and modalities. Please keep in mind that other forms of ministry or theological positions presented on these sites are those of the site owners and not necessarily representative of Theophostic Prayer Ministry.

Keep in mind that a person stating that they are using Theophostic Prayer Ministry is not an endorsement from TPM or any indication of whether they are using it according to the TPM guidelines and teaching. Please be cautious if you seek ministry from any person until you have equipped yourself with the basic principles of TPM and understand what it should look like. Click on the following links below to better equip yourself before seeking ministry. Also read the section on
Seeking Personal Ministry.
If a person or websites states that they are affiliated with, represent, certified, credentialed or endorsed by Theophostic Prayer Ministry, this is not so. 

Primary resources located on this site for more information about TPM

  1. Guidelines for Theophostic Prayer Ministry
    A one-page basic overview of what should happen in a Theophostic Prayer Ministry session.
  2. Healing Life's Hurts
    A book that gives a general overview of the basic principles and practices of this ministry.
  3. Research Findings about Theophostic Ministry
    A report about the research that has been done over the last few years.
  4. The Basic Principles of Theophostic Ministry
    An outline of the foundational principles of Theophostic Ministry.
  5. What is Theophostic Prayer Ministry?
    A general overview explaining this ministry approach.

Current Links from around the World:

This list of churches and ministries is not a referral list nor are any of these listings connected to or endorsed by Theophostic Prayer Ministry or Dr. Ed M. Smith. This list is for your benefit when seeking to identify others that are using TPM. No effort has been made by Theophostic Prayer Ministries or Ed M. Smith to qualify the expertise or theological position any one on this list made hold. If you are seeking personal ministry please read the page entitled "Seeking Personal Ministry."
GA restoration retreat center using TPM
Article written by minister using TPM (WI) ministry that provides Theophostic Prayer in the Orlando, FL area. Church providing ministry in Texas
Church based counseling center in Ft. Myers, Florida
Church based ministry  Primary approach to ministry is TPM. A non-church setting for people from all walks of life, from clergy to community, by donation. Strict confidentiality. Houston & Bellville TX.

http://www.MeadowsHealingPrayerCenter.comFrank Meadows, LCSW, a VA professional mental health professional utilizing TPM in extended session times. Also founder of Meadows Healing Prayer Center, and Clinical Director of Christian Psychotherapy Services, Chesapeake, VA. with extensive opinion about TPM
Church in Colorado using TPM
GA restoration retreat center using TPM
Mental health professional's discussion on his using TPM


PA multi-thousand member church using TPM Church - Prayer Counseling Main Page
Contact person John Syes
Article written by minister using TPM (WI)
VA Church using TPM
FL Church using TPM

Family Transformation
Facilitators Ministry using TPM in S Africa

Bear Valley Church
Denver, CO church using TPM

The Next Step Center
Men's Substance Abuse Program, Community Church Church in UK using TPM
Church using TPM for 4 years
Website dedicated to helping PTSD using TPM
A ministry responds to a question about the validity of TPM

A ministry in Africa
Contact people are Pastors Brett & Linda Hilgemann
VA professional mental health group using TPM
The International Christian Counseling Association using TPM
Mt. Horeb Ministries, Kerrville, TX
Mental heath professional using TPM
ministry that is using TPM specializing in Attachment Disorders
Colorado Springs based ministry to adults
FL independent ministry using TPM

Healing Center at Church of the Apostles
Fairfax, Virginia Church using TPM
TX professional counseling center using TPM.
Marriage enrichment seminar leader using TPM (KY)
AK church using TPM
PA retreat accommodation and counseling service
TN Church using TPM
IL Pastor using TPM
VA Church using TPM
IN church using TPM
Ministry in Sydney, Australia using TPM
Licensed Counselor using TPM

Christian Inn Ministries, Inc
Ministry to female ex-offenders using TPM
Youth ministry using TPM

El Shaddai Christian Fellowship
Church using TPM
Church using TPM
Lay minister in Alberta, Canada using TPM

Atonement Lutheran Church
Church using TPM

The Next Step Center
Men's Substance Abuse Program, Community Church Church in UK using TPM
Christian Psychologist using TPM
The Growing Place - Center For Helping People


Before contacting any person about receiving personal ministry, educate yourself with the questions and materials found on the "Seeking Personal Ministry" link found on the Home Page. Be sure to have a copy of the Ministry Session Guidelines to hold up as your means of validating what they are offering. Not everyone who says they are doing TPM may in fact be doing so.

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