Basic Training Process

Steps for Becoming Trained in Theophostic Prayer

1. The Basic Training has specific requirements for completion.

- Basic Training Video Seminar. The student must view the 2007 Basic Training Seminar sessions on 8 DVDs. Click here to preview a portion of the video series.

- Basic Training Manuals. The student must read and personally owned copy of the 2007 Basic Training Manual and the Video Seminar Student Workbook. These are available in the book store.

- The TPM 16 Week Study Guides.  This three-manual set of study guides will walk you through the vital information contained in the TPM Basic Training Manual.  The set includes a "Leader's Guide," "Participant's Handbook," and a comprehensive "Ministry Manual."  This study guide is designed to take the training group through the Basic Seminar Manual over the course of 16 weeks.  The guides provide homework assignments and regular comprehensive test.  During the 16 weeks the student works through the Live Ministry Session Demonstration DVDs and the "Forgiveness" chapter from Healing Life's Hurts book. 

16 Week Study Guide Testing. The student must complete a
multiple choice test/review that is offered on this website or complete the test provided in the 16 week training Participant's Guide and 16 Week Training Leader's Guide. This guide covers the material found in the Basic Training Seminar Manual. The test offered on this site is based upon the 2005 edition of the Basic Seminar Manual. You are encouraged to take the 16 Week Training Program that contains tests that apply to the 2007 edition of the Basic Seminar Manual.

- Live Ministry Session Demonstration DVD Series. The student is required to watch the 7 live ministry sessions found in the Live Ministry Demonstration Training DVD series and own and read the accompanying Student Workbook.

- Forgiveness chapter. The student is required to read the "Forgiveness" chapter in the book "Healing Life's Hurts."
 (This is provided as a free download if the student does not own a copy. The link to the download is located in the Participant's Workbook of the 16 Week Study Guide manuals.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Having done all of the book work only says that you have the text knowledge of the training. Becoming a good facilitator can only be achieved after many hours of experience, practice and much personal ministry for yourself. If you are unwilling to adhere to these training requirements please do not call what you do in ministry Theophostic Prayer.

2. It is best to complete the training as a group if at all possible.

People are encouraged to participate as a part of a training group or ministry team rather than going it alone. A vital part of the overall training is the practicum in which the student practices giving and receiving ministry. This is usually accomplished over an extended period of time (8-12 months).

3. All current training is based upon the 2007 edition of the New Basic Training Seminar and Manuals.

All Basic Training Materials dated before November 2007 are now obsolete and has been replaced with the revised 2007 edition of the Basic Training Seminar DVDs and Basic Seminar Manuals. Please do not seek to be trained using older editions of the training.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are using training materials dated prior to 2007, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the new curriculum as soon as possible (released November, 2007 Edition). TPM training using seminar material and workbooks prior to this date are no longer recognized as official, and we will not provide certificates or seals of completion. Practitioners trained with earlier materials, even those with considerable experience, are strongly advised to participate in the 2007 seminar edition. Earlier materials are no longer available for distribution.


4. Training setting is flexible but some settings have proven better than others.

There are no mandatory requirements for the setting in which your training occurs but there are the following suggestions.

- We believe (based on 13 years of doing this ministry) the best setting for training is in a group context under the leadership of a pastor or other church leader.
- If there are leaders who are already trained in TPM who can provide supervision and practice, this is strongly encouraged.
- No one should operate as a "lone wolf" in ministry. We are members of the Body of Christ and should offer ministry in the context of Christian community.
- It is STRONGLY advised that you not offer this ministry to outsiders until you have invested many hours in practice with a team of others (8-12 months of weekly practice is suggested.) During this time frame every person in training (leaders and students) should receive many hours of personal ministry as well.

5. Training time frame should be over an extended period of time.

- The Basic Training Seminar DVDs should be watched over an extended period of time and never as a "crash course." It is suggested that you take 9 weeks to watch the DVD sessions.
- The textbook work (all manuals) should be completed over an extended period of time (16 weeks) and never in a single setting. There is far too much information to assimilate in a "crash course" or "weekend seminar training." Do not rush this training.

-The 16 Week Study Guide Training Program for Learning the Basic Text

The very best plan for a group working through the Basic Seminar Manual is provided in the 16 Week Study Guide Training Program. You are STRONGLY encouraged to follow this 16 week plan if you are wanting the most effective training plan.
Learn more...

Following the 16 weeks of textbook and video study you and your group are encouraged to take eight (8) months to practice administering and receiving ministry before inviting outside people to receive TPM. During the eight months it will become clear who should, and who should not, be allowed to facilitate this ministry with others. NOT everyone needs to be facilitating this ministry.

6. Avoid "Crash Course" Training.

If you are invited to take the Basic Training over a single weekend or in abbreviated fashion please reconsider. It is crucial that you learn this ministry well and you CANNOT learn it in a single weekend retreat. You will not learn to apply the principles in a "crash course" environment. This ministry deserves that you become well equipped for the sake of those to whom you will offer help.

7. Consider joining the International Association for Theophostic Prayer (IATM).

Every student of this ministry is invited to become a part of the
International Association for Theophostic Ministry  (IATM) and network with thousands of other like-minded Christians from around the world sharing a common cause and ministry approach. Take advantage of the many other helpful supplemental training aids found in the On-Line Store.

8. Register your training with the TPM home office.

When you complete your training, be sure and register with us either by contacting our office 
or completing your registration on line.  On-Line registration is available by clicking here.


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