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Basic Training Statement of Completion

Congratulations on the completion of the Basic Training Seminar in Theophostic Prayer Ministry! Please take a few minutes of your time to complete and submit the following form so that we may make a note of it in our database and send you a seal of completion that you can affix to your certificate.

The tasks that you must have fulfilled in order to receive your Certificate of Completion are:

1) Read the 2007 Basic Seminar Manual
2) Read the Basic Seminar Student Workbook
3) Watch the 8 DVDs in the 2007 Basic Video Seminar
4) Watch the 7 DVDs in the Live Ministry Demonstration Sessions series
5) Read the Student Workbook in the Live Ministry Demonstration DVD series
6) Read the "Forgiveness" chapter in the Healing Life's Hurts book
7) Take the exam listed on this website or compete the exams as offered in the 16 Week Study Guides.
NOTE: Completing the book work does not make you a ministry facilitator.  Please submit to at least 6-8 months of practice giving and receiving ministry in a safe environment before seeking to apply this ministry with the general public.

Since most of our communication with you will be by email, it is very important for you to notify us when you make changes to your email account. Thanks

Facilitators! Please submit a form for each participant that has completed the basic training or Click Here to download and print the PDF form that contains space to enter 10 names on a page. Thanks



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