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2007 Study Guide


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2007 Edition
Theophostic Prayer Ministry 16 Week Study Program (Study Guides)

"This training program is designed to provide you with a highly detailed plan for taking a group of potential ministry facilitators through a comprehensive study of the Basic Seminar Manual.

These three study guides provide a week-by-week plan for covering all 14 chapters in the Basic Training Manual.
You are encouraged to train your people well to do the very best ministry possible. Ministering to wounded hurting people is a high calling and deserves the very best.

View a sampling of each of the the three manuals:

Leader's Guide

Participant's Workbook

Ministry Guide

This comprehensive training program includes three books:
The Leader's Guide, Participant's Workbook and Ministry Guide.

- The Leader's Guide is designed to function like a teacher's manual in a classroom setting. It contains 16 lesson plans that explain in detail all training leaders need to know, do, and say in order to teach the 16 week program.

It includes tests, reviews, discussion questions, helpful teaching aids and more. It provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the 14 chapters found in the Basic Seminar Manual.

268 Pages

- The Participant's Workbook is designed to help training members learn and apply all the information in the 2007 TPM Basic Seminar Manual. It contains all the materials training members need to participant in the 16 meetings of the Training Program.

108 Pages

- The Ministry Guideis a compilation of study aids offered to help training participants learn thoroughly the content of the 2007 Basic Seminar Manual. It brings together the information contained in the manual in the form of study aids such as summaries, outlines, charts, and illustrations.

92 Pages

NOTICE: This Ministry Guide CANNOT be ordered unless you are a participant in an on-going 16 Week Program using the Leader's Guide and Participant's Workbook. It should ONLY be used by persons who are participating in the 16 Week Training Program. Please respect this request.

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