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Important Disclaimer:
Theophostic Prayer Ministry is not counseling nor should any person seeking such or who may be in need of professional mental health care assume that this prayer ministry will provide counseling or mental health care. It is a ministry of prayer and is spiritual in nature and biblical in principle. If you are seeking mental health care please seek out a Christian mental health care provider in your area.
This public section of this web site is designed for informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide any level of training in Theophostic Prayer Ministry. Unless an individual completes all requirements for the Basic Training, invests the suggested number of hours in receiving and practicing this ministry (8 months), and completely adheres to the Ministry Session Guidelines, he or she should not state that they are doing Theophostic Prayer Ministry. Also, a person stating that he or she is doing TPM still does not make it a reality. There is no guarantees promised or implied, for any one who receives this form of prayer ministry from any person. Many factors are involved which include, but are not limited to, the person's readiness to receive ministry and the facilitator's experience and ability to administer the process.

This ministry does not certify the effectiveness of any person's application of the ministry's approach. If you seek help from any person claiming to be providing Theophostic Prayer Ministry, you should first educate yourself in what Theophostic is about. Only then can you determine if TPM is the process being administered. No person is endorsed, credentialed or certified to do ministry, counseling, or any other form of help by this ministry. People who take the TPM training may receive a "certificate of completion” indicating they have completed the "book work" in the training, but this certificate does not indicate the efficacy of the person's ability to apply this ministry approach. Any ministry/counseling you receive from others is solely a relationship you have with that person, and not this ministry, or any person associated with this ministry. Be wise when you seek help from any individual, and be certain you are receiving the ministry intended. TPM does not certify, credential, or qualify any person to do ministry. If any person or entity declares such, they are making an inaccurate claim.

Theophostic Prayer Ministry is a biblical based, Christ-centered ministry.
Theophostic Prayer Ministry is NOT New Age, Eastern religion, hypnosis, guided imagery, or any other non-biblical practice. It has NO roots in, or resemblance to, the new age practice referred to as "Theosophy." See FAQ for more information.

Other ministries and ministers listed on this site have NOT been certified, approved or sanctioned by this website. They are listed and linked to this site only because they have said that they are TPM "purist." However, it should NOT be assumed that all are using TPM according to protocol or following the basic principles and TPM Session Guidelines. TPM is not related to any of these ministries and therefore does not assure, or guarantee this. Before seeking TPM from any of the sources listed or linked to this site, please determine that they are indeed offering true TPM.

This website recognizes that there are many different approaches available to helping people besides TPM. Many of these approaches are having successful results. However, TPM has a very clear set of guidelines that define how it is to be administered. If a person is not following these specific guidelines when doing ministry, then he or she is NOT doing TPM.

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This website and all its contents are copyrighted material. Do not reproduce without written permission from the author.

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